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Dec 142013

Samsung top load washer model number WA456DRHDSU has several common issues. One of which is a drain pump breakage/leaking problem.

The drain motor on this particular washer will completely break off the drain motor bracket. When this happens water will leak and or the washing machine may not drain. The bracket has been redesigned to solve this particular leaking no drain situation.

When the pump breaks the hose will pull off the bottom of the washer and possibly leak all the water out of the washer. To determine if this is the issue with your Samsung washer leaking, the unit will need to be tipped back. The motor is on the left back of the washer. See picture below.

Samsung Top Load Washer Drain Pump Motor Leaking

Samsung Top Load Washer Drain Pump Motor Leaking

The picture to the left is the new bracket and motor installed. If your pump motor bracket is broken, check the two wires that go to the motor. Often when this happens the wires will break as well. If this is your situation, then you will need to replace the wire harness and the pump motor and bracket.You can see exactly what happens when the drain motor breaks by looking at the picture to the right. The motor separates from the bracket and pulls the hose off the bottom of the tub and will cause either a big water leak or small. Every situation is a bit different.

Samsung Top load Washer Old Style Pump Motor Bracket

Samsung Top load Washer Old Style Pump Motor Bracket



If the motor terminals are damaged like the picture below, you will need the bracket, wire harness, and motor to fix the leak.

Broken Samsung Washer Drain Pump

Broken Samsung Washer Drain Pump

I’ve seen a number of these Samsung washers leaking in the last few weeks. It will become more common since more and more of these washers are sold around the USA.

The bracket is held to the bottom of the washer will three screws. The two wires on the drain motor are plug and play type.

Tipping the washer back has worked best for me. If you don’t want to remove the water hoses, you can tip it back enough to look under and verify that this is what is going on.


This repair is actually very straight forward. If you have questions about your Samsung washer leaking, leave a comment below, or sign up for our free Samsung washer repair forum and I can walk through a few more steps with you to determine exactly why your Samsung top load washer is leaking.


  35 Responses to “Samsung Top Load Washer WA456DRHDSU Leaking Drain Pump”

  1. This is exactly what has been going on with our washer. We have the same exact one, Samsung top load W456. Ours is out of warranty, but was only purchased a year and a half ago. One day it was working fine, then all of a sudden the bracket broke off the bottom and water was leaking everywhere. My husband did a make shift fix and then it would no longer drain. We have tried to reattach it but it keeps shaking and breaking off during the rinse and spin cycle. Is there a place where we can get the new bracket without paying an arm and a leg for samsung to come repair this?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Thanks for your explanation. Has samsung redesigned this mounting bracket? 2 times this has broken for me. 2nd time samsung offered to sell me an extended warranty to get a tech out to repair, then to just cover parts, no labor. After I expressed my disappointment in quality, they offered parts and labor. 57 min on phone. This is cheap junk, with a poor design. If tub gets out of balance, it slams pump into body of washer until pump bracket breaks. No recall, no explanation.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, they have redesigned the part. See David’s comment below. They have a new kit that has a new wire harness and pump and pump bracket.


  3. Samsung now offers a drain pump kit (per service flash) that moves the drain pump from under the tub to the bottom frame. The kit includes new pump, wiring harness, hoses and hardware for the job. Although it takes much more time to install, it solves the broken pump bracket problem and the customer no longer has the “flooded room” threat. Part number DC98-01877b.

    • Hi, David, thanks for taking the time to write that lengthy comment for all the readers here. I’ve actually installed this kit three times in the last week. It’s really not that hard of a job. First time will take around 45 minutes. I’ve done so many now I can change the harness and pump in about 25-30 minutes.

      Thanks again

      • Gentlemen, do you have this new part number? All I can find locally is the old part and I do not want this happening again. Will it lessen the chance of it happening if I re-calibrate my washer? Thanks.


  4. I will change the pump on my wife’s washer but now I’m confuse about the order of the wires, is this the right set up black on the middle and yellow on the bottom. Thanks.


    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment on your Samsung washer repair issue. On these units it doesn’t matter the placement of the two drain pump wires. You can hook either wire to either terminal.

      Let me know if you have further questions?


  5. ok im not sure whats this means ? does the leaking mean I need a new drain pump or a new bracket? or both?

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Is the water leaking from the pump area? Is the pump bracket broken?


  6. got drain pump kit dc98-01877b for samsung no instruction with it where to go on internet to get video thanks

  7. Help! I have a WA422PRHDWR model and they have sold me this part to make this work. I’m pretty confused. It is close but not matching up. Please reply!

  8. Hi,

    Our samsung washer, model number wa456 decided to leak all over the place tonight! My husband tilted it up and realized the drain pump was completely unattached from the machine. Could you provide with a place to buy the pump and how to fix it? Thank you!

  9. Can you post a video on YouTube or write out step by step instructions?

  10. We purchased our washer 1 year and 12 days ago…..so it is no longer under warranty by 12 days. Our pump broke off the bottom in the middle of a wash cycle and all of the water flooded our laundry room and also the bathroom next door. Now the repair man is having issues finding the part. Model number WA456DRHDSU. Can you tell me where I can find the pump?


    • Megan, I’m just getting back online. I hope you guys were able to figure out the right part numbers for the new drain pump assembly.

  11. This board was immensely helpful to me last night and today. David, the number for the redesigned part was helpful. When I spoke to Samsung, they were still pulling up the old part number for this repair. Samsung has agreed to a “One Time Accommodation” to cover parts and labor on this repair using one of their techs. My machine is less than 2 years old. Of course, they will not reimburse the $80 I spent on a non-authorized repair technician to diagnose the problem on a Saturday morning even though none of their authorized techs work weekends in my area. I’ll take what I can get. Good luck to all WA456 owners. Hopefully, the redesigned part is truly a fix.

  12. This just happened to me! Would have been nice to get some sort of warning so that I could have doen some routine maintenance.

  13. hi, my top loader leaks water as soon as it exceeds xtra low water level mark, otherwise it works ok until it reaches that extra low water level. please tell me what to do

  14. Is this the same kit for wa400pjhdwraa. Im trying to find the part for my father. Which he showed me the part n it looks exactly like the pic

  15. Hi, does the pump on your fathers washer look the same? Is the pump mounted on the bottom of the frame or on the bottom of the tub?


  16. I’ve replaced the drain pump on a Samsung WA456 with the new kit dc98-01877b, but now the pump won’t shut off and runs constantly. Looking around online this seems to be a common problem but I haven’t found a fix. Has anyone else experienced this?

  17. Thank you so much for this forum! This drain pump issue is exactly what I experienced. I figured out the problem within an hour by all the helpful hints here. I had the WA456 model, I ordered the DC98-01877b drain pump kit, and sort of freaked out having read some other forums that said the part number was different. It looked like the difference between the two parts is the wiring. We didn’t have to change the wiring, just the drain pump. Mounted on the outer bottom rim, working perfectly!!!!!!! Thank you. Unbelievably poor original design for such an expensive washer.

  18. My experience is much like Cindy’s above. I ordered the kit that matched the model and year of manufacture of my washer and then freaked out because mine is a top-loader and none of the instructions (images or video) I could find online were for top-loaders. But once I removed what was left of the broken old pump mounting bracket from the under side of the drum and had some room to look around, it was obvious where to screw down the new bracket on the bottom frame of the washer. There are two unused holes that you just wrench the new bracket down into with the provided hardware and connect the hoses. (Luckily, I did not have to replace the wiring harness either.)

    Did a rinse/spin cycle then changed it to spin to test to see whether the new pump was working and it drained beautifully, so now I’m doing my first full load – all the moldy towels I used to clean up the mess from when the pump broke free and the hose disconnected! Wish me luck.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. That’s awesome! Good work. I’m sure others will find your experience helpful.


  19. Had the same problem as stated above last summer and did the pump upgrade, costing approx. $400. Now the washing machine is getting stuck on the spin cycle and will not drain. The upgraded pump is still good, but it will not run. Any ideas? Is Samsung going to do anything for us due to all the trouble we have had with this 2 1/2 yr. old machine?

    • Hi, sorry to hear about all the issues with your Samsung washing machine. You’re saying the pump is not getting power? That would indicate a broken wire or a control issue possibly. I would suspect the wire is broken. It’s a way more common issue than the control.



  20. Can I just purchase the plastic pump bracket? I believe my motor and wires are still good but bracket broke in half.

  21. I do not understand if Samsung knew washer’s have this problem why was there not a recall, I own the wa456 washer and dryer . I though you get what you pay for, well I this case I did not would never recommend Samsung Appliances to anyone they are Junk. And expensive to repair.

  22. I have the same issue model WA456. I also have one of the three screws that attaches pump stripped out. It never tightens. Any ideas here

  23. My pump broke off and flooded my upstairs and leaked down through our dryer vent hole
    and soaked my basement carpet, ruined about 8 drop ceiling tiles. Luckily mine is underwarrenty, however I changed the spring clamps with hose clamps that screw in, and screwed them in very very tight, and reinforced the broken pump with 3 heavy duty zipties. It worked good. I decided to get a drip pan and installed a drain if this ever happens again. In the meantime the repair man did order a new pump and it should be in next week. I am going to reinforce it with the zipties so if it ever breaks again, its not going anywhere! and is not going to pull off the hoses with the cheap spring clamps! If I were you guys I would reinforce it with heavy duty zipties and get good hose clamps with screws and it wont ever happen again!

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