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Dec 162013

What is a CCU and why  would you need to replace it? The CCU on a Whirlpool front load washer is the main control board. On this particular washer there are however two other control board. The User Interface board and the MCU (Motor Control Unit).

There are several error codes on these Whirlpool front load washers that would require replacement of the CCU or would require you to check several key components from the CCU with a volt/ohm meter.

What they’ve figured out it is over time these units vibrate and shake considerable more then the top load washers. This excessive shaking and vibrating causes the solder joints on the printed circuit board to crack and brake. When one of these solder joints crack the machine most likely will throw a communication error code on the front display.

I’ve had several emails over the last month or so asking where is the CCU control board and what does it look like. I’ve snapped a few pictures of the Whirlpool Duet CCU control and wanted to share with other visitors as well as the folks who have emailed asking.

The CCU (Central Control Unit) is located on the top right of the Whirlpool Duet and Duet sport washing machines. The top of the washer is held in place with three small screws which in most cases has a size 1/4 screw head. Once the screws are out the top panel will slide directly back and off of the washing machine.

On the top front right you will see either a white or a gray board with a mass of wires running to it. All the connections on the CCU are plug and play type. Each wire harness is also keyed. So this really helps prevent wires being plugged into the wrong places a thing of the past. I still take one wire off at a time just so I don’t have to deal with a mess of wires and this also helps prevent plugging the wrong wire into the board and possibly shorting out another component.

Below is a picture of one of the most common Whirlpool washer CCU’s.

Whirlpool Duet Washer CCU

Whirlpool Duet Washer CCU


This CCU unit is held to the side of the washer with one clip and two small rounded prongs. On the side where the white wires connect there is a small plastic clip that mounts the CCU to the washers frame. Placing a flat head into the bracket and pushing out slightly will allow the board to slide back and off the frame.

With the CCU board removed you can either replace it or make a few volt ohm test right at the board. It’s one of the easiest parts to replace for any communication error code or any failed CCU error code.

If you need help diagnosing your Whirlpool washer, use the comment form below or sign up at our free DIY washer repair forum where a Factory Trained Technician can and will assist you.



  40 Responses to “Whirlpool Duet Washer CCU (Central Control Unit) DIY Replacement”

  1. My Duet Sport washer control panel lights up but does not seem to respond when buttons are pressed since it stopped following a spin cycle and just froze and locked the door. We had no error codes and can when we run the manual diagnostic test no error codes appear. I am thinking CCU has gone but am only guessing. Any ideas……..??

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to comment. It sounds like a CCU issue. Have you tried unplugging the machine for 30 minutes? That may reset the control. I had a call the other day where the washer stopped and locked the door. I unplugged it and it seemed to work fine for two or three days. I went back and ran diagnostic mode and could find any error codes. I ended up replacing the CCU and haven’t heard back that was three weeks ago.

    • Hi Terry Jones i’m having the exact same problem down to the T what did you end up doing , did you end up needing to replace the CCU ?

  2. My Duet sport washing machine will not complete a drain cycle. When selected to small load, unit start and goes through wash cycle then tub stops and drain pump starts to pump ( I can hear water movement and felt water moving), Halfway through drain cycle the unit stops and wash light flashes audible beep sounds. Does this sound like a CCU issuse to you.
    If not any suggestions.Thanks Also FYI I removed pump and tested. working fine,

  3. My full-optioned Duet washer, WFW9750WW00 (w/steam and fan-fresh) was not going into hi-speed spin; after a number of blind alleys, I replaced the CCU (for the second time since owning this piece of junk). The new board, which I got from the local Whirlpool/Maytag dealer, is giving a F99 code right from the start. Any ideas, before I throw these machines away and buy LG’s?

  4. My whirlpool duet dryer will only run on timed dry,but only if we leave it unplugged for a couple of hours.It will only run for one cycle.Is it a ccu problem?

  5. My whirlpool duet washer is giving me a F11 code,
    what do u think might b the problem, pls
    thank u

  6. Hi,
    I have a DUET washer that stopped working during a load. If you hit the power button, you get a slight beep and a flash on the setting you have selected and nothing else. Nothing lights up beyond that.

    Does this sound like a CCU issue ?


  7. I have a whirlpool duet washer that won’t start. The only thing it will do is display a very small light on the front that says control locked. No other buttons or dials will cause it to do anything!

  8. i have a whirlpool duet and it gave me the f11 code i looked it up then i took it apart and wiggled the wires it worked again after that for about 2 weeks then showed the code again this tiime wiggling the wires doesnt work and the machine wont start at all

  9. We received the F11 code and went through the troubleshooting laid out. We ended up replacing the CCU board and the MCU board however we still have the error. It starts up and then the error comes on. What else could it be.

    • Hi, that’s very strange. If you replaced both boards, the only thing left is a wiring problem. You could have a loose connection or a broken/shorted wire. That’s what I would be checking if this was my service call.


  10. I have a Whirlpool Duet Sport and the “end of cycle” light will not go off. Actually, after a load, it keeps beeping and I cannot turn off or cancel. So I just let it beep until it stops, but the light won’t go out. Any ideas? They just don’t make Whirlpool washers like in the old days and when I replace, it won’t be Whirlpool.


    • Hi, that’s very odd. The only thing that would cause this issue is the control board. have you tried unplugging the washer for 30 minutes to see if that would reset it?

      Let me know


  11. i have a WFW9600TW01 Whirlpool duet washer.. Last used the machine performed. Went to use it a few days later and none of the buttons work. Not a power outlet problem. How do I diagnose this problem. Upon delivery several years ago the control board had to be replace before it would work.

  12. maytag washer model mhwe400ww01 replaced main control unit and interface control unit now I get an f99 error code any suggestions

  13. Hello Matthew, I have an F11 communication error. Tried to tighten the connector prongs on the wire to the CCU. Unfortunely with my poor eye sight (with glasses) I seemed to have broken off one of the proongs. Where can I buy the “Blue” wire which connects between the CCU and MCU? I hate to buy a new CCU and then have the issue with the wire and connector. If I could just get a connector I could replace utilizing the same wire… however, I can not seem to be able to find one.


  14. Hi,

    My whirlpool duet sport ht gives F-28 error what could be the problem?


  15. Hello, I have diagnosed the issue with these same error codes, and it is a loose connection. On my Duet, there’s a series of pink wires, with different colored connectors going into the CCU, Starting from the right, the 1st one is green, the 2nd is black, and the 3rd is white. It’s this white one. The female connector inside the CCU is loose, so we have to kind of jiggle it around a bit, and then it makes a connection….temporarily. Is there a fix for this vs. replacing the entire CCU?
    Thank You,

    • Hey Jeff,
      I had the same exact issue. Eventually the wiggling stopped working. it took me taking the washer apart along with the lock latch assembly to figure it out. You will need to disconnect the CCU from the washer and then remove the board completely from the housing. Once you get it out(be gentle, there should be three clips keeping it in place) turn it over. The four solder joints that connect to that connector may have a hairline crack around the edge of the wire they are soldered to. You will need to refresh the solder and ensure a proper contact. should fix the issue.

  16. I have a Kenmore from loading washer model number 11047512600 that will not unlock after the washing cycle is completed. I replaced the door lock and still not releasing when hitting the stop button. No error codes, but after running a manual test, the door lock light and clean washer lights stay lit. Any ideas?

    • Hi, that’s very odd. Sounds like a wiring issue or faulty control. Did you check the wire connections on both ends yet?


  17. I have a whirlpool duet front load washer that keeps reading fh on the fill cycle, I’ve ran diagnostics which showed me to replace pressure switch and flow meter. Have replaced both,still reading code fh. What else could it be?

  18. Hi Mathew, I have a Duet WFW95HEXW2. Trying to trace down an the problem that the washer will not work. I am testing the door lock and the repair manual state that the resistance for pair 1 -2 and 2 -3 should be in range of 50 – 84 Ohms. When I test the resistance I get 167, 33 respectively. I purchase 2 door locks (used) and the washer still doesn’t work. I check the resistance and both the used locks match my original one.

    I am thinking of replacing the CCU, but due to cost would like your opinion.

    Error codes I receive
    F06 E02
    F01 E02
    F05 E02

    Also, how do you remove the Cycle knob?? Trying to see how I can disable the dinging everything I press a button.

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for Any information you can provide

  19. I tried unplugging my washer and after 30 minutes I plug it back in and it read a F1 code so I googled the code and it told me the CCU board is the problem what do I need to do

  20. Changed the CCU in my Whirlpool Duet washer and it still won’t spin. what else could be the problem

  21. My duet washer displays an E2F3 code. Any suggestions? Also how do I get my clothes out of the machone now?

  22. Whirlpool duet..F06 E02. CCU not communicating with ui. Continuity on wiring is good. New CCU and it’s the same. Any ideas?

  23. My Whirlpool front loader is giving a F DL code. I googled it and it advised me it was the door lock. I replaced the lock and the locking mechanism. I have also cleaned out the filter, checked the connections to the CCU and checked the door to make sure it wasn’t loose.

    Help. I am at a lose. I am a single mother of 3 and can’t afford to pay $95 hr plus parts.


  24. I have a whirpool duet sport front load washer that stops and turns off during the spin cycle. Sometimes the machne works fine than other tmes it will not. I ran a diagnostic and got an F28 code. Any suggestions on whether its a CCU issue or MCU issue? Thanks

  25. We have the whirlpool duet steam washer WFW9600TW01 and our power button is illuminated. No other buttons will respond and we can’t get the light to turn off or the washer to turn on. There are no codes showing and nothing else lit up. Washer will not respond to anything.


  26. I have a Whirlpool Duet Washer mod WFW9550WW00. My drain pump motor burned up and after I replaced the pump all the lights on the machine flash continuously trying to find the problem and fix.

  27. We have a stackable washer and dryer the washer goes through the whole process until the end and E-1 and E-9 comeio the control display please help that Angela in Raleigh NC email. ageladavidson232@gmail.com

  28. I have a maytag maxima steam with powerwash. I think the number is w1007091. When plugged in, nothing on the control panel works. It powers on if i open and shut the door, selects any mode it wishes, but then no buttons work to starts or to diagnose. Any advice?

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