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Dec 172013

The number one thing that causes the Whirlpool Cabrio or the Maytag Bravos (Same Washer Different names) washer from draining is a clogged drain pump.

These particular washers have a 110v drain motor located underneath the washer.

In most instances you will find a blocked impeller on the drain pump/motor. The impeller is small and the area between the impeller and housing is even smaller so small items will get trapped inside.

I have seen several of the drain pumps fail but it’s not a super common issue. When these pumps start to fail you will notice the pump hesitates before it starts up.

To clear the drain impeller from a blockage the unit first needs to be unplugged. Below are the next steps to clearing a blocked impeller on a Cabiro or Bravos washing machine.

* Unplug the washer from the wall outlet.

* Bail out as much of the water inside the washer as possible.

* Tip the washer back against the wall.

* Place towels or rags under the washer near the right hand corner.

*Remove three 5/16 screws from the drain motor assembly.

* Remove the hose on the back right side of the drain pump. When you do this all the water left inside will rush out of the bottom. Have those towels handy.

* Disconnect the wires and remove the drain pump assembly from the bottom of the washer.

When you first look under the washer you will see two pumps that look identical. Once of the pumps is a recirculating motor and the other is the drain motor.

Pictured below is the view looking from the bottom of the washing machine with it tipped back against the wall.

Cabrio Washer Not DrainingThe drain motor is on the right hand side with the blue wires going to it. The wires disconnect using a plug and play type connection. It’s very straight forward. By removing the pump all the way from the machine you will ensure nothing is stuck in the bottom of the tub and that the drain pump impeller is clear from debris.

Does your Whirlpool Cabrio not draining or Maytag Bravos not draining washer still have you stumped? Comment below or use the forum link at the top of this page. A factory trained appliance repair technician will be happy to assist you.


  67 Responses to “How To Fix Whirlpool Cabrio/Bravos Washer Not Draining”

  1. My new bunny rabbit (God love him) has chewed through
    the blue wires that go to the drain motor. I have the bottom
    unassembled and the plugins pulled out of the motor.
    Question is where do I get those blue wires and how do I
    replace them in that whole bundle of wires??
    Please help. Brand new Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. Sorry to hear about your trouble. You would have to repair the wires or replace the main wire harness to fix this particular issue.

  2. I have a cabrio washer that stopped mid cycle and will not drain I have checked for blockages and see nothing. I did notice when I looked underneath that there are two blue wire going into the pump and one of the wires has been severed. I am assuming that both need to be attached in order for it to work.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Yes, both of the blue wires need to be connected to the terminals for the drain motor to kick on and work. You may need some new terminal ends on the wires.

      Let me know if you have any more questions I’d be happy to help.


  3. My washer does not drain so I removed the pump and there was no debris or nothing it actually looks pretty new and all the wires look good yet it still won’t drain. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to comment.

      You could have a bad control, pump, or clogged drain hose. Is the pump trying to start in the spin cycle? You would need to make sure it’s getting power? The control board may be bad not sending power to the pump? Not common but possible. I suspect a clogged drain hose or faulty drain pump

      • Recently I have a similar problem with my Whirlpool front loader. I cleaned the filter and it doesn’t help. The pump kicks off when I was trying to remove it to drain the water. Now I have to shake the pump to help it to drain if it stops in Spin. Does this indicate I need a new pump or a control board?



  4. My whirlpool cabrio is having issues draining the first time. It will run through the cycle and say its done but the clothes are still soaking wet and I have to run it through the drain and spin cycle again … any idea what could be wrong with it????

  5. My whirlpool cabrio was giving an LD code, I replaced the pump and now get an F72, I took out the inner basket and removed a couple of pairs of socks. I can’t feel anything in the drain holes. When I tried to run the drain cycle the pump comes on but instead of draining water comes up out the hole – like the pump is running in reverse. Any ideas?

  6. My whirlpool bravio drains all but about a gallon of water? I have check valve at house drain plumbing above. Is this just water running back from check valve?i am concerned standing water will sour

  7. My Cabrio oftentimes gets “stuck” between the rinse cycle and the spin cycle…when it gets stuck, it will give a red flashing Lid Lock light…if I turn it off, unplug it, leave it unplugged for a while (15 seconds or so)..then plug it back on and select “Drain & Spin”…everything works perfectly.

    Why is this? what is wrong…or at least what should I check first?

    It also sometimes “hums” (or buzzes) when we start it up…while it is in Sensing Mode…when it does this it will be stuck making that noise…which cannot be good…turning the power off does NOT make the noise stop…I have to unplug the washer from the wall outlet.

    Oh ya, we have also been noticing some minor wetness on the floor around the washer.

    Here are the unit’s details:
    Model#: WTW5500XWO
    serial#: CO2638357

    Your help ( reply) would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!!M

  8. Hey my washer makes a LOUD roar when it rinses, can it be fixed manually? It often sounds like a sm plane taking off!! PLEASE TRY N HELP ME!! THANX

    • Hi, it sounds like you need a new bearing. Very common on these units. You can get a new bearing kit from the local parts house. It comes with picture instructions.

      You will need a special tool to make the repair. Maybe you can rent one from the a shop?


  9. my Cabrio will not drain comes up with F 32 code. Check hoses, bought a new pump. I can hear the pump running will not drain. Took the basket out. Check the drain filter nothing in there clogging it what’s the problem

  10. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio and there is water on the floor underneath the washer. I have the drain pump off and it looks good, the drain hose looks clear also do you have any other suggestions what it may be?

  11. I have whirlpool washer cabrio already change sheft and bearing camputer bord hub gear still stop at 20 is not draining , led switch looks ok because is locking what els I have to do ? please help

  12. Our Cabrio will wash just fine, but on “Normal” setting which has it set to automatically do a Drain & Spin cycle after the wash, it will just end the job (with the normal sound-toots of a finished job) but it will not have run the Drain & Spin cycle. We then have to rotate the selector over to Drain & Spin, at which point that will operate just fine.

    We have unplugged and replugged the unit back in, but this has not fixed the problem. So to re-cap: Normal wash cycle operates OK. Manually starting the Drain & Spin cycle operates OK. But the setting on the “Normal” cycle to automatically perform Drain & Spin after a wash cycle will not function correctly.

    I very much appreciate any advice/info! Thanks!

  13. I have a maytag bravos and it won’t drain. I can hear the pump running but doesn’t drain. I pulled the hose out of the drain pipe and held it about 6 inches from the ground d and water came pouring out so I don’t think the hose is clogged. I’ve also taken the pump apart and it looks clean and the propellers spin. I don’t see any kind of blockage in the basket or the line and I am out of idea as to what could be the problem. I could really use some help

    • I am experiencing the exact same thing. I took both pumps apart and there was nothing in them or obviously broken. The water hoses all were clear. My daughter took apart the barrels and there was nothing there that wasn’t supposed to be there. Where do I go from here?

  14. Thank you so much for the site. I had this problem and was able to fix my washer today in under an hour. It’s working fine now and I saved myself the hassle of an appliance call and the cost. Bravo

    • You’re most welcome. Glad you found the info useful and were able to fix your washer. Good work. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Much appreciated.


  15. I have the Whirlpool Cabrio and it works fine until it gets to the rinse cycle then it starts beeping and flashing Sd. I then have to unplug it and switch cycles to get it to drain( which it does very slow) and rinse. It started after a transformer blew up outside and the power went out while I was doing laundry. Please help!!!!

  16. Thanks so much for all of these kind responses Matt. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio and am also getting the LD code. It gets stuck before draining. The whole machine freezes up at that point and I have to unplug it. Today, whenever I start a cycle it won’t even start before it pauses for a while and then gives the LD code. I’ve removed everything from the inner tub, checked the hoses and drain pump for junk and although I did clear out some things, it still freezes and gives the code. I replaced the drain pump just a year and a half ago. Think it is that again? Or is it the computer? What else?

    • Hi, You’re most welcome. Happy to help out. Yes, it really sounds like another pump issue to me. These pumps are known for causing this issue. Usually something will be inside stopping the impeller from turning or it broke the fins on the impeller off. These pumps also are known for overheating and shutting down. I’ve seen a couple now that have had sand down below the seal and it burnt the motor out because of the friction. If you turn the impeller and it feels gritty, that’s a possibility. Usually happens when someone has a sandbox or goes to the beach a lot.. based on your complaint it points directly to the pump. You could test the pump. Check it when it should be running before the LD error code is displayed. If you have 110v to the pump right before the LD error is displayed, the pump has failed again and would need to be replaced. The control board on these washing machines have problems which I’m sure you’re aware of from reading around the internet. It does not sound like a control issue to me. The test at the pump would confirm or deny that though.


  17. Hi Matt,
    With my cabrio, it will run fine until the spin setting and then turn off. The light for spin turns on and the lid lock is on. If I rotate it to drain any spin, it turns back on and goes through the cycle. And it doesnt happen every time. Any ideas?

    • Hello,

      That’s very strange. Based on your complaint I would suspect an electrical issue. The control board could have a short or glitch/software issue. Try unplugging it for 2-3 minutes and see if it happens less frequently? I don’t know that’s a really strange issue but based on what I know about these washers I would suspect an issue with the control board.



  18. Matt –

    Nice article, I would like to comment on the following and ask a stupid question. 🙂

    In most instances you will find a blocked impeller on the drain pump/motor. The impeller is small and the area between the impeller and housing is even smaller so small items will get trapped inside… I have seen several of the drain pumps fail but it’s not a super common issue.
    — How To Fix Whirlpool Cabrio/Bravos Washer Not Draining

    I’ve never had a pump motor fail on my Cabrio. And I’ve never had a blocked impeller. But five years ago I had a penny find its way into the housing and break the impeller. I saw no way to replace just the d*mn plastic impeller and ended up paying a lot of money to replace a perfectly good pump and housing when only the 99 cent impeller was bad!

    Now the washer won’t drain again and I immediately recognized the noise of a damaged impeller, which was confirmed after removing the pump and the impeller cover. Is there any way to replace just the impeller? Or am I about to spend another hundred bucks on a perfectly good pump motor just to replace a broken plastic impeller?

    thanks for any advice you have

    • Chuck,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

      I’ve never seen or heard of anyone replacing just the impeller. The impeller on these are basically the same on all new dishwashers as well. You could make a killing if you designed a kit to replace just the impeller. Lot’s of other motors use the same impeller as well.

      I’m kind of blown away that it’s happened twice to you? I’ve maybe seen it two times and I’ve replaced more pumps on these then we have fingers and toes combined X 10. What kind of pennies are you washing?

      I wish I had better news for you guy. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to drop the coin on a new pump. We don’t offer a rebuild kit and I don’t see it being very useful. It would be time consuming to replace therefor it wouldn’t be cost effective. If you’ve ever had a technician in your home, you could probably tell he had other places to be. Every ten minutes adds up in a hurry.. Not only that but it would be hard to offer a warranty on such a part. It’s part of the game buddy that’s how these guys design this stuff nowadays. It’s a throw away society. If it breaks, buy another..

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. It wasn’t a stupid question at all. I like the way you think. If there was a buck to be made there, I would be all over it believe me..


  19. Also have a cabrio by whirlpool. Water won’t drain and all the buttons I hit won’t do anything. Just 3 fast beeps and nothing happens. Is this typical because of the water not draining or do I have 2 issues?

    Thanks in advance!


  20. Thanks for all the tips. Only because it was late and after bailing the water out I put off disconnecting the drain pump until tomorrow. Before the lights went out tonight tried the “reboot” of the control panel – unplug, wait a few minutes, and plug back in. Was already on the Drain & Spin cycle – but this time water “lurched” into the drain hose! WaHoo! To be sure, I ran a Rinse & Spin cycle with no problems.. Matt, thanks for the postings.

  21. I have had a Ld code I can unplug the washer a while and sometimes it works and sometimes it goes back to beeping and flashes the code again I took off the drain pump and noticed that my other pump that has the two red wires isn’t hooked to anything should they be or are they broken

  22. Hi. I just got a brand new cabrio washer and dryer set, only used the washer maybe 4 times and now it won’t work. It powers on just fine but when we press the start button the lid will lock but then there’s no water going into the washer. We checked the pump and hose for debris and drained some water out but still hear water when we spin the drum. Can you please help?


  23. Hi! I have Cabrio Model WTW5600XW2. Yesterday I noticed that when it’s completely empty – no visible water, no detergent, no clothes, if you shake the tub around, you can hear sloshing – as if there is a LOT of water in the bottom. Is it normal for washer to always retain water? And how much of retained water is too much? I have this machine for 4 years and never heard sound like that. What can I do to fix this?

    • Hi, some water is always in the bottom of the machine. I’d say roughly 4-6″ is always in bottom.


      • Hi Matthew, I also have a Cabrio washing machine that, when empty, I can spin the tub with my hand and hear water sloshing underneath. It also has a sewerish smell when not used for several days. Your reply to above 8/5/15 was that “there is always some water in the bottom of the machine.” May I ask why? It just seems like a bad idea. Thank you.

        • Hi, the pump needs to have water inside of it so it doesn’t dry out/crack the seals. The water is clean water and does not have a smell. If the washer smells, something is inside or the standpipe is backed up.


  24. My Cabrio constantly stopped with a “UL” signal. I replaced the suspension rods and the bearings. Then, when I ran it it stops at 18 and will not spin at all! Unreal. Is there a reset somehow? Did I hook it up wrong? Please say I don’t have to replace something else on this now VERY expensive (and frustrating) machine.


  25. Maytag bravo want drain, when it supposed to drain I can hear the control board clicking but nothing happens. Eventually it will throw a ld code.

    • Hi, do you hear the pump trying to run? It could be a clogged pump impeller or a faulty control. Do you have a meter?


  26. Just wanted to say thank you for the great help you are giving here. I now have a list of things to check to try and fix my ld problem. Wonderful to have a resource like you!

  27. I have a cabrio washer and I noticed the small, maybe 3/4″, hose on the inside of the machine along side the clear hose is cracked. Is this easy to replace?

  28. I have a whirlpool cabrio. It run through the wash cycle but when it should drain it will just stop and time out. Then it gives an alarm LD this stands for long drain time. If I pull the drain hose out and use a wet dry vacuum to pull the water out of the washer it will then start back and finish it’s cycle. Yes I did find 6 cent in the pump when I removed it. This is not my 1st rodeo with this pump the 1st one 8 cent got the pump it would run. It cracked the outer housing of the pump. This time the pump looks to be ok. To be on the safe side I put a new pump on but it doesn’t come on when it should. Do you think that this may be a control board issue? Do you think that the 6 cent may have locked the pump down and some how shorted out the control board. I work on cnca chines for a living so I know my way around pumps/motors. It’s easier when the company is paying for the parts. Just would like to know before I have to buy the control board.

  29. Cnc machines dang spell check sorry about that.

  30. Hey Matt. It is great how you help people. There is a post above about the two blue wires being separated. I have the same issue. Does out matter which blue wire goes to either side. I have no way off knowing which side goes to which terminal.

  31. Hi, I have a Whirlpool Cabrio (type: 580). When the wash cycle gets down to 9 minutes it jumps back up to 13 minutes and adds more water. It will repeat that as long as I allow it, so when it gets to the 9 minutes I have to hurry and stop it before it adds more water. HELP!!

  32. I have a Maytag Bravo that will not fully spin out the clothes, so then we run a Drain & Spin cycle and all is good. Any ideas/suggestions on why it doesn’t “finish” the Spin cycle on regular was cycle but fully spins on the Drain/Spin cycle?

    • Hi Tony, thanks for taking the time to ask your washer repair question here. I personally would start by checking the hose on the back it goes down the standpipe. It should only be down the standpipe 12″ Much more and it creates a siphon.

      Next I would check the drain pump making sure it was clear from debris as well as the drain hose.


  33. My whirlpool Cabrio is showing the code, Ld and occasionally Sd. The last code it showed is F. After reading some of the comments, I decided to unplug for a while and see what happens. Is making sure the pump is clear the first thing to try?

  34. I have the Bravos, it had a broken pump, while taking out the old broken pump the ‘plug and play’ connector came off of the blue wires. Now that part is missing, where can I get a new one? And do you have instructions on how to reattach it to the blue wires? Thank you.

  35. My whirlpool cabrio makes a noise when spins and its not draining clothes sometimes it does but not often. What can i do its not an old machine but only just out of warranty.

  36. I have a the Whirlpool cabrlo h2low.. .. It just runs water ….won’t wash or spin……is there any help for this washer or do I need to call a repair person….

  37. Hey on my washing machine one of my blue lines came out so how can I put it back in the wire connector

  38. My whirlpool cabrio washer will wash fine in auto, but wil not drain and spin, and on the display will be ld od.I can manually put on drain and spin and will work.

  39. I have a whirlpool cabrio that will not drain or spin come up with effort code SD??

  40. my cabrio will stop at drain cycle,pulled out drain hose and blew back through it.it started pumping.i removed the inner tub and checked for stoppage,nothing under the plate.pulled pump and pump housing,lt was clear reassembled and checked drain hose also clear.started wash cycle on normal same results.pulled drain hose and blew through it.pump started working .really lost here.

  41. I have a maytag Bravos. The washer seems to wash clothes and finishes the cycle. When removed the clothes are still full of water like it’s not spinning out. The pump is coming on. Ran the diagnostics and no error code any suggestions?

  42. My maytag bravos doesn’t spin the water out of the load completely. Not all the time, but lately it’s been happening more frequently. And when I turn it to drain and spin, it pumps more water into the load. Do you have any idea what this may be?

  43. Have a cabrio whirlpool washer that will not drain and is sitting in a humming mode
    Any ideas

  44. Thank you so much for your explanation although on my particular model the drain pump was on the left hand side with a dark blue wire and the other pump was on the right hand side with the light blue wire. Without you I could not have fixed it because when I pulled the drain pump off I found a small nail blocking up the impeller.

  45. I have a model wtw8500c0 Cabrini I am having drain issues. Sometimes at the 40 min mark sometimes at 14 min. I can unplug and let reset and it may take a few tries but it will pump out the water. I have cleaned under the agitator, I have pulled the main drain pump and verified it’s clear and impeller turns. I am now stumped

  46. My Cabrio stops at the end of the wash cycle, hums and very slightly vibrates, but does not drain. Eventually throws an LD code, which I have googled. If I hit cancel it drains right away and continues on its merry way. The first time this happened, yesterday, it was accompanied by a fair amount of gunk in the bottom and on my clothes. Cleaned out the tub, ran a test cycle and it did the same thing, but no extra gunk. Ran another cycle with some Tide Washer Cleaner, same thing. It can’t be a blockage or the pump since it drains fine when I hit cancel. What should I try?

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