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Dec 182013

The Frigidaire dishwasher FFBD2406NS0A has several common issues. The first issue is a missing or defective splash shield kit.

The kit comes with two splash shields. These small rubber shields help prevent water from going around the lower door seal and coming out on to the floor. If they are missing or defective, water will go around them and pass the lower door seal. When this happens water will leak onto the floor.

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To determine if your splash shields are missing or are defective open the dishwasher door. Look in the lower bottom corner where the door gasket hits the bottom of the tub. You will see a little plastic/rubber piece if they are in place. If the splash shields are missing, simply order the splash shield kit and install the kit to fix the leaking issue. The part number for the kit is, 154701001. This kit comes with two splash shields and an instruction sheet.

If your splash shields are in place, look closely at the yellow part of the shield. They normally they tear on the soft yellow seal part. Below you see how they look when they are installed correctly and brand new.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Leaking

Frigidaire Dishwasher Leaking

This Frigidaire dishwasher was leaking from the bottom of the tub. The door gasket was worn and the splash shields were torn. This was letting water travel past the gasket and shield.

On this particular dishwasher it seems that it will leak when the spray arm changes from the lower to upper. The water comes down and hits the water in the base and creates a “wave” that sends the water past the shield and over the front. I had the front of the dishwasher removed and was watching for a leak when the spray arm switched and instantly water leaked out of the bottom of the tub.

The lower door gasket should let a small amount of water past it. The water goes around the lower door seal then goes back into the dishwasher in the middle of the seal. So it comes forward down then back through the middle of the seal. You see this happening if the front panel is removed during a wash cycle.

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  1. I have a Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher, model GLD4355RFS3, that leaks on occasion, dripping onto the floor, from the middle of the right side. I pulled the unit from the cabinet and removed the insulation; there is evidence of water (white scale and dried water trails) on top around the inlet to the upper spray arm. I have ran ita couple of cycles and observed. There is some moisture around that in less, but not enough 2 cars any grip. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help help!


  2. Jim, thanks for taking the time to comment.

    I’ve seen the small nut inside come loose and cause this issue. Check the nut attached to the upper spray arm. Make sure it’s tight. If it’s tight, that small seal between the nut and top of the tank would need to be replaced most likely.


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