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Dec 252013

Is the display missing segments or has the display completely gone out in your Samsung Refrigerator? Need to know how to remove the display to replace it or to check the connections on the back? It’s actually a very simple procedure.

This works for the basic LCD Display and also the wifi LCD models on the newer refrigerators.  You will need a small Philip head screw driver to gain access to the inside.

Looking up at the bottom of the display panel you will see either one or two screws depending on the refrigerators model number. Either way the screw on the left side needs to be removed to get the LCD display out. Once the small screw is removed from the bottom of the display you simply need to pull out by grasping the ice chute assembly. On the newer models there are four tabs on the top that slide into the cavity of the fridge. On most of the older models there are four tabs two on both sides. On the older units you have to give it a pretty good tug to pop the display assembly out. If you need further explanation or require further assistance in removing your Samsung refrigerator display, post your question in our free DIY repair forum and a factory trained technician will assist you

Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting

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  1. Great tip! I wasn’t sure If I was ever going to get that thing off!

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