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Dec 312013

Does your Samsung refrigerator have a defrost issue? Is the freezer or refrigerator not holding a good temperature?

If either side is having a cooling issue, then you most likely have a defrost problem.

Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting Forum

In the event that a Samsung refrigerator has a defrost issue, the temps inside both sections will gradually rise. The frost builds up so thick the fan motor can’t pull air across the coils to cool properly.

Samsung refrigerators go into auto defrost every 8-10 hours. The main control board on the back is what sends power to the defrost heater in the refrigerator and freezer (on dual evaporator systems)

Reasons to put a Samsung refrigerator into forced defrost mode:

1. Thermostat/Sensor test good. 2.5k-89k-4.5vdc

2. Defrost elements test good. (Freezer 58 ohms Refrigerator 103 ohms)

3. Need to test parts on evaporator but can’t because frost is to thick to access.

The defrost heater in the freezer is a (215 watt 120vac) cal rod element.

The defrost heater in the refrigerator is a (140 watt 120vac) cal rod element.

To put a Samsung refrigerator into forced defrost mode you need to press a few button sequences:

-Press both the “Power Freeze” and “Fridge”  buttons at the same time.

-Hold both buttons in until display beeps and goes blank.

-To force fridge defrost element to come on, press “Freezer” button a second time.

-To force defrost on both the refrigerator and freezer sections, press the “freeze” button a third time.

At this point you can make your test from the main PCB on the rear or directly at the components.

To exit this mode simply unplug the refrigerator.

Do you still have questions about your Samsung refrigerators defrost cycle? If so, leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to assist you.

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  43 Responses to “How To: Forced Defrost Mode Samsung Refrigerator”

  1. 1.last night following a tech video on Samsung I pressed the Power Cool button simultaneously with the freeze button, two zeroes (0) appeared on the screen on the freezer side and the fridge side. I was able to enter a temp reading on the fridge side of 13degrees C following the video info. Fridge was not possible to adjust. Hence my question in my previous mail. Now then did I altered the setting or did the PCB remained at programmed setting? After that I disconnected unit, reconnected, temperature reading on fridge side stopped blinking and remained at 14degrees C and climbing. Now is at 16deg.
    2.if I want to force defrost explain second step. Do I press Power Freeze a second time or twice? Or do I have to press the freeze button and if yes how many times. 3. How and where do I test in the PCB? what readings am I looking for? What setting in my volt-meter? I don’t want to disassemble w unit energized. Thanks again, you r been helpful. Elvr (Mac)

  2. After I have pushed the blue button in my freezer to get the freezer to defrost, some ice melted and water spilled out of my fridge on to the floor. How do I get the freezer to stop defrosting.

    Samsung fridge serial number: R6594PAD700521J

    Fridge Type: Samsung refridgerator Direct Cool

    Model number:RR2015SSBBX/TL/2013

    Thank you,

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to comment. To get the refrigerator out of defrost, simply unplug the unit for one minute. You could also flip the breaker at the panel and leave it off for one minute if you don’t want to pull the refrigerator out.


  3. hi I am from Iran .could you assist to me abaut defrost indicator?it is light and beebs repeatedly.how can I stop it.I tried to unplug but didnt work.there is the probem yet.thank you.

  4. My samsung side by side freezer isn’t freezing properly. I’m not sure whether to defrost it – but not sure how to do it ….. Tks

  5. hi, ive got a Samsung RS21HDTTS side by side fridge freezer.
    the fridge is working fine but the fridge is not working at all. what can be the problem?


  6. Hi,

    I’ve got a Samsung RS21HDTTS side by side fridge freezer. the fridge is working fine but the FREEZER is not working at all. What can be the problem?


  7. where can i get a new element for my samsung fridge in south africa gauteng

  8. hi..i have pressed blue button deeply.does it comes out once defrost process completes?

  9. Hi I managed to get the Samsung in defrost mode, but when I came to remove the plug to re sett the fridge/freezer I remained with out a display and I couldn’t get a display.

    Can you please help me, and guide me in what to do

    Thank you

    • Hi, that’s very strange. Have you tried leaving the unit unplugged for 5 minutes or so? If so, try pressing the top left and top right buttons in at the same time and hold for 10 seconds. What does the display do?

      Thank you

  10. My refrigerator screen is showing OF OF. I have tried to unplug it and let it sit but nothing is happening. Both fridge and freezer have defrosted. Help Please!!!

  11. I have Kenmore freezer down two cycle fridge, I found the freezer not cooling down, no ice accumulate. I measured def heating element is 57 ohm, thermal sensor reading is good. I connect fridge with electric, and touch evaporator pipe, it not cold, temperature about 3c. could you tell me what possible problem? I looked manual come with the fridge, nothing help on it.

    • Hi, are you saying the compressor is running but no frost is on the evaporator behind the back panel inside?


  12. At some point over the winter, my refrigerator started making a very loud noise. The refrigerator is 3 1/2 years old. So I did my research and I found out that my refrigerator was freezing up in the back, I was not defrosting. Six months later it happened again, I defrosted it.… Meaning it took everything out of the frige and when it wasn’t frozen any longer, I took the back internal piece off and let it completely defrost. And I plug it back in and it seemed to work fine. Now month went by and it happened again. Is there something that needs to be replaced on refrigerator?

    • Hi, this usually indicates a faulty defrost component. I’ve seen the thermistor cause this issue as well. It does sound like you need a part. On some of these models they changed the location of the thermistor to fix a similar issue.


  13. hi i have an a samsung american fridge freezer, on saturday it just started to defrost. I cannot stop this, ive tried switching it on and off but it stays the same. The temp display is also wrong its stating -18 and 3 degrees. Can anyone help?

  14. Hi,
    I have a samsung RT51MTPP with printboard and no display
    Is it possible to force defrost and how


  15. Thanx for replying, the fridge doesn’t have a display.
    There is a knob for adjusting the temperature.
    Is there still a possibility to force defrost?


  16. Samsung Model # SR 29NXA Refrigerator – Freezer is cooling but fridge is not cooling. kindly advise what to do.

    • Hi, to many things to go over that could cause this issue. A phone call would work the best in this situation.



  17. Hi,
    I pressed the power freeze & fridge buttons simultaneously. The screen went blank. I pressed the freezer button once, (I’m trying to defrost my fridge). Fridge is now beeping. Is it now defrosting? How long will it take?Will it stop automatically?

    Many thanks

    • Hi,

      As with Eoin my freezer beeps continuously after following your instructions. Could you advise if FF code displayed on the fridge control panel means that the freezer is defrosting and that Fd means the fridge is defrosting?

  18. Hello,

    I can’t remember what model i have but its an american style samsung fridge freezer. I’m moving house and will put it in storage temporarily so just want to defrost it properly so then it works OK in a month or so.

    How do i do this.

  19. my freezer beeps continuously after following your instructions. Could you advise if FF code displayed on the fridge control panel means that the freezer is defrosting and that Fd means the fridge is defrosting?

  20. I have pressed blue button for defrost of my samsung fridge but it’s not coming out even after defrost… My fridge is not working at all.

  21. Hi i unplug our samsung ref i notice water from the back how can i pull out the container to remove the water..thanks

  22. I have a Samsung RFG297HDBP Refrigerator, (French doors, ice maker/water dispenser on left door, with a freezer drawer on bottom.
    We had the temperature rise in the freezer long enough to partially thaw our frozen food.
    I cleaned the coils, and interiors, left it off for 4 hours, with a fan blowing warm air into the fridge..
    I am monitoring the freezer’s temperature. It stays at 0/-5F, then rises now and again (defrost mode I guess)
    Now, the ice in the ice maker seems to have thawed enough to stick together.
    I am still uncomfortable with restocking the freezer, not sure If my efforts have cured the original problem.
    Any advise?

  23. I hv a sumsung frost free model Rs21hdtts . The fridge side is icing too much

    I checked defrost element is working
    .what could be a propblem

  24. I have a Samsung Model Number: RS25H5111BC. Last weekend my wife mentioned that the unit was making some random noise. Less than a week later I open the unit to find the inside of the Fridge sweating. When we removed the shroud around the evaporator, we noticed Ice around the fan. No ice was seen at the bottom, near the drain. The top portion of the evaporator cool appears to have some frost build up, but the bottom has far less. The Ice and Water are no longer producing, which makes me think the water line is frozen. Any direction would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Kev

  25. Hi,
    I have rf217acrs, followed instructions, ff, rd, fd come up on screen after holding for 8 secs. Selected fd as fridge is around 58 degrees and defrost was problem last time, freezer seems to be fine. How long will defrosting take to get fridge to melt ice and cool properly again? Hours? Days? I manually defrosted a few weeks ago with blow dryer, fridge worked great for 3 /4 weeks no money for new fridge right now, need to fix myself. Thanks.

  26. Hello Matthew! We have a Samsung RS265TDRS side-by-side refrigerator. And like almost everyone else here that has done postings, the refrigerator-side of the appliance stops cooling.

    The fridge worked great for about 2 years. Then we heard what I call “the death rattle”. This is where the defroster stops working and the cooling fan blade hits ice that starts build up on the cooling coil. Eventually, the fan stops turning, the cooling coil is fully iced up and the fridge-side of the appliance completely stops cooling.

    What’s weird is, after completely defrosting the fridge, it works great for about a year….then starts icing up again! So…like clock work and as soon as we would here the “death rattle”, we would empty fridge, unplug it for 3 days, plug it back in and load it back up with food again…..year after year after year.

    I have removed the inner back panel of the refrigerator (that covers the cooling coil), bought the parts to the replace the defrost heater that encircles the cooling coil and completely replaced the deforst heater element with all the parts that attach to the heater element itself. That was done last year and……guess what…..Yep, the fridge side iced up again.

    I saw your post above that documents the steps used for debugging refrigerator problems by pressing buttons on the outside fridge controls to display Error Codes to show what the problem is. Would the steps you posted be the same process that I could use on my model refrigerator too? I’m at a loss as far as what else I could repllace to get the stupid fridge to defrost properly without an annual defrost.

    I sincerely hope you can help…….

  27. on samsung my french door refrigerator with pull out freezer on the bottom… pushed the 2 buttons and cycled thru theses codes: FF, OF, RD, FD… can you help me understand what each does???? my understanding is the FF is forced freeze… what does that mean? OF is off… is that correct? have no idea what RD does… and my understanding is that FD is forced defrost… bout a 20 minute cycle… does that turn off refrigerator

  28. Samsung refrigerator RF263TEAEWW freezer , ice makers work, but refrigerator stays around 60 F. Not defrosting. Fan makes noise ( I thought it was hitting ice) defrosted twice (physically taking everything out) but still not cooling in frig. Are parts hard to get? A lot of complaints on the net regarding problems with Samsung brand refrigerators..

  29. Following… we have the same issues with our RS265TDRS…

  30. Same issue as Steve (April 8)
    Replaced all parts (element, and two sensors)
    Freezer has always worked great but fridge ices up randomly.
    The drain is and has always been clear (after installing the attachment to the element) so the issue is the defrost settings or cycle? or potentially faulty repair parts?

    Would help explaining to test the parts.

  31. Hi I have a Samsung rs25h5111 fridge and I am trying to do a forced defrost , can you help?

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