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Jan 102014

If your Frigidaire upright freezer has a display board on the door, this article will explain how to remove it.

On these upright freezers one common issue is a failed display board. The display board is what talks to the relay board which sends power to the compressor to cool the freezer.

Frigidaire freezer control board

Several error codes will mean that the display board needs to be replaced. A dim display would also mean that the display control board needs replaced.

To get the display board out of the front panel of the freezer is actually really simple. Really simple.

Unplug the appliance before attempting any appliance repair

The only tool needed is a small thin putty knife. There are several small clips that push out and hold the display board in place. Look at the picture below to get a better idea.

Frigidaire Freezer Control Board

Frigidaire Freezer Control Board

Now that you have a better idea as to whats holding that small board in place you can remove it. Those small plastic clips put just enough tension to hold the display in place. On the bottom of the board there are several metal pins. Those pins push into a small harness.

Once the board is out enough to grab it, pull gently from the bottom towards you. That will prevent the pins from getting bent and causing any more issues.

Frigidaire Freezer Control BoardThis is actually a very common issue on these models. I have replaced many of these control boards for many different issues. The main issue seems to be error codes. Several different error codes mean this small board needs to be replaced. I’ll save which codes for a future post and will link back to this post.

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  2 Responses to “Frigidaire Upright Freezer Control Board Replacement”

  1. These control boards fail all the time. In the last month my appliance repair company has changed several of them. Wonder why they have such an issue with such a simply control board?
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  2. I have an upright Frigidaire freezer and the door keeps beeping in and off even though the door is closed tightly. Can you tell me if this means my board needs replacing?

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