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Jan 112014

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What does the error code NF mean on a Samsung washer? It means the washer isn’t detecting any water flow into the washer.

This is actually a very common issue on these particular washing machines. There are several different things that will cause an NF error code on Samsung washers. Below are several common things that cause this error.

Samsung Washer Troubleshooting

Samsung Washer Troubleshooting


Unplug or disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair

Common culprits of the NF error code.

1. Water is shut off at rear of washing machine. Check and make sure water is turned on.

2. Water inlet hoses are kinked or crimped. Check hose to ensure they are not kinked or crimped in any way. This will still let a small amount of water into the washer but not enough for the sensor to be satisfied.

3. Water fill valve screens are clogged with mineral or calcium deposits. Turn the water off and remove the hoses from the “Hot” and “Cold” side. Once the hoses are removed you will see a small screen tucked inside both fill valves. The screens simply pull out so they can be cleaned. If you are on a well, the screens are likely clogged causing this NF error code. Usually it is on the “COLD” side where you’ll find the clogged screen.

4. Make sure the door is shut tightly. Yes, if the door is not shut all the way you may possibly get this error code on the display. Open and close door ensuring it closed correctly.

Samsung Washer NF Error Code

Samsung Washer NF Error Code

If all the above test OK, then you most likely have a faulty water valve. If this is you, then you will need a couple of tools.

Tools Needed:

Philps screw driver

Volt/Ohm meter


On the rear of the washer you will see two big Philip screws. With the power cord disconnected you can remove these two screws to get the top to slide back and off. With the top off you will see the triple valve on the right and the single on the left.

You can set the washer to any cycle and test each solenoid for proper voltage. You can also ohm the valve out. If the water valve is getting good voltage and not opening up, then it will need to be replaced.

The water valve is secured to the rear of the washer with two small Philip head screws. The small black hoses on the valve have a gray colored hose clamp. You can use a small pair of pliers to pinch the hose clamp together. Slide the clamp back and the hose will slide off the water valve.

Install the new valve and reassemble in reverse fashion.

If you are fairly handy, this is a very straightforward repair.

If you hit a snag while attempting to replace the valve, comment below or post your question in our free DIY appliance repair forum.

Do you have different question about your Samsung washer? Give me the opportunity to answer it for you. It’s actually very simple to ask a question here. Use the comment form below and I will try my best to help you with your questions.

Edited: April 14th 2015

  103 Responses to “Samsung Washer Error Code NF (Fixed)”

  1. My samsung washer is getting the nf code Checked the hoses,the filter at the bottom of the washer all good.For 3 yrs using this washer I have never had the hot water on we just always have used cold I have been told that this could be the problem due colder weather, also today it ran a whole cycle empty all was fine,but when I put a load in I got nf and this was all on cold water

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      The first thing you want to do is turn both the hot and cold valves on. Next would be to check the screens on the back where the water hoses connect. The screens often get clogged on the cold side.

      Let me know


      • I did everything you said to do and I still have the nF error! It’s driving me crazy… It started out of nowhere also it’s always worked perfect then this happens. What should I try next?

        Please HELP!!

        • Hi, have you checked the screens on the back? Is the valve getting power? If it is and isn’t letting water in the valve itself would be bad.

      • Washer works when it has no clothes in it. No flow when the clothes are in it. Driving me f’n nuts!

  2. Worst washer ever. Bought it 3months ago. None of the issues above apply- yet we still
    Get the messages. They have replaced the washer on e already. Still get the issues
    Don’t waste your money here

    • Steve, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I’ll leave your comment up here for others to see.


    • Exactly right Steve. These washers suck. Have had these issues 3 times in 2.5 years and every time it has been an expensive fix. Have similar issues with our Samsung dishwasher. Avoid Samsung appliances at all costs.

      • I had this nf code showed up for first time in 5 years (first issue period) I went and clean the screens and follow the troubleshooting and nothing. When I opened to replace the water valve I saw a small vacuum like hose unplug for a sensor on the front left, it was very obvious, plugged back and works like new again, I thing the little hose can come off very easy because of movement when spinning and the clamp that hold it is very weak and flimsy, I hope it help someone. Good luck!

        • This is exactly what was wrong with mine. I cleaned filters, took the inlet valve apart and cleaned it all up, nothing. Then I found this and voila! Funny, because you are right. It was TOTALLY obvious once I looked. But I was so focused on the inlet I didn’t look other places in the washer. Thanks so much for this comment!!

        • Thank you so much! I as well have never had a problem with my washer for 6 years now and today I washed my bedding and jeans and after that I got the NF error code. I thought it was an the end of its life but really didn’t want to go buy one. I couldn’t do the other without my husband but I was able to unscrew the top and after reading your post I fixed the washer just by putting the little hose back!!! You just made my night!!

          • Awesome! You’re most welcome. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


          • Could one of you please put a picture of this hose that you reconnected. I am having this same issue and I’ve checked all of the things listed above but want to make sure I’m not missing anything before I spend money on a new valve. Neither my hot or cold is working.

        • Thanks for the tip regarding the small hose. I popped the top off of my Sammy and yep! this hose was disconnected. I slipped it back on, checked the clamp to ensure that it was in correctly and was back to washing clothes.
          Just before this repair, we had had the nF code but had restarted the washer. The tub filled, and filled, and filled; the water was two-thirds up the door before I hit Stop button. Fortunately, the door latch held or else we would have been flooded. Started the machine in Spin Only to get the water drained.
          An Internet search led me to this post and all I can say is thanks for the tip!

        • It is frustrating when a trusty washer doesn’t work. After searching the web for nF codes and leaks I found your comment about the loose hose and voila! the washer is fixed and working again. Thanks for having the same problem as me and posting.

        • Your post was exactly what was wrong with my Samsung washer. Thanks for posting. Checked the hoses, valves and cleaned drain filter. Took the top off and saw the hose was off and just hanging there, put it back on and back in business. Didn’t have to pay $80.00 for a tech to come out and put it back on. Thanks again.

          • How can i get the top off my washer i have the ssung wa422prhdwr/aa. Im trying to find the hose everyone is talking about ?

        • Yes! Thank God for the internet and helpful people! I had the overfill problem and sure enough, the was a darned little hose disconnected from the water level sensor!

        • Will be looking for this black hose today! Thank you.

        • Your advice just keeps on working. I just replaced the drain motor when the over filling began. Sure enough, it was that little hose! Thanks for sharing!!!

          • Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


          • Same here!!!! I replaced the spider arm 9 months ago and now got the NF w/ water overfilling and unfortunately the door opened.

            Found your tip and hose had come off. Running 20+ towels now.


        • same issue with my samsung washer connected loose hose and working again.THANK YOU

  3. I have a Samsung top load washer (WA400PJHDWR/AA)

    Can’t find the procedures to finish the factory reset in service mode, I’ve done this before ( think I found it on the schematic/tech sheet inside the machine before) problem is, sheet is missing.. tried to download the pdf from Samsung.com and it returns a blank page.
    I would really appreciate some help.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Factory reset? Never heard of it. I just looked at the service manual and it doesn’t say anything about a reset?

      What exactly is going on with the washer?


  4. Dint buy Samsung washers they are junk for the past six months it has broken 4 times I git sucj n tired pull washer out of the house and placed in alkey I am done dealing with that junk

  5. Hi I bought a Samsung and I am getting the nd sign that won’t stop going off I have cleaned the filter and still nothing what do you think is wrong

  6. DO NOT PURCHASE SAMSUNG WASHERS. I have had the machine for less than one year, now always getting this stupid nF error code. I have spent hours on the lines, they all look great, brand new, still the stupid error code. SAMSUNG washers are way way OVER ENGINEERED. Just give the machine water for crying out loud, how hard can that be!?!

  7. Having the same nf error. I have done all of the above with the exception of replacing / testing the valve inside the washer. It does run a full cycle with no issues empty. I have noticed at times prior to this error when the machine is finished a load that there is still water in the soap drawer or the clothes are still more wet than usual. If I place the machine on spin only this works fine as well. I contacted Samsung and they mentioned a reset by turning the machine off, removing plug from wall, flipping the breaker and leaving for 10 minutes and then reconnecting. I have not tried this yet. I did notice there was no hot water coming into the machine even though the outlet is on and it has recently gotten cold here. I’ve not had this issue in the past. Assuming the “reset” or the hot water doesn’t work how do I find out which kind of valve to get and where can I get one?

  8. Awesome advice! Clearing the cold inlet filter solved my problem.

    Thank You!!!

  9. I bought the Samsung top-loading model WA400P-JHDWR/AA about one year ago. It was very expensive and supposed to be a super reliable model. I have 58 psi of city water pressure at the valves, accurately measured. My house water is pre-filtered to less than 25 microns particulate, so the screens were never the slightest bit clogged. Well, I experience the same problem with the CODE ‘nF’ that your other contributors see. I have also tried every possible ‘fix’. I even replaced both solenoids and the two new hoses that came with the machine. The strange part of the problem is that the NORMAL, PERMANENT PRESS and QUICK CYCLEs work fine, on all water temperatures. I hear a tremendous amount of water rushing in during all phases of these cycles. The problem manifests itself only on the HEAVY DUTY and BEDDING CYCLEs. This leads me to believe that the problem is actually some type of SOFTWARE-related problem. I hope that Samsung is reading this and provides all of we owners with a GOOD FIX, because no hardware repair seems to fix the problem.

    • OK, I just checked and found out that the HOT WATER AND COLD WATER HOOKUPS WERE REVERSED!
      …and trying again on wool cycle (the one that was giving me problems.) . . .IT WORKED THIS TIME!
      I have probably been ruining all my wool and not washing things hot, etc.
      I don’t remember if it was me or Lowes that installed this (backwards.) I know they delivered it to me. I would like to think it was Lowes but I am not beyond a dumb mistake. ;{
      So anyway, the computer or something is offended by my having them reversed, I think. So far the error hasn’t returned. I tried wool cycle TWICE earlier and it wouldn’t finish without the above problem- and it just finished on wool cycle!

    • Having same issue…NF on heavy duty and bedding settings only. Washer starts to fill then stops and just spins.

      Has anyone figured out what the problem is and how to fix it? Bring back the days of the good ole non-electronic washers that lasted for years!

      • Yes, the old style mechanical timer washers lasted forever. Especially compared to the newer ones. That’s very odd. Have you made sure the fill valve screens are clear of sediment? Also, you do not have flood safe hoses installed do you?


  10. Samsung washer and dryer were purchased this summer. Already getting a nf code on the washer.
    Black Friday I purchased a 32 ” and 50″ Samsung TV. Can’t get the television to hook to the cable. Taking back the TV’s (putting one back in the box, and the other was never opened) and asking Lowe’s to pick up the washer. Samsung doesn’t work for me.

  11. Spot on Tom! My wife kept telling me that the washer woudint fill. I tried and it worked fine. She tried and no water fill just the code nf. I saw that she was using the heavyduty cycle. I was using the normal fill for my tests. Now it works fine as long as she uses normal. Shes not happy about it but I am cause shes off my back. I will never buy another samsung washer.

  12. It is software or computer issue for sure!!!! Mine is just a year old and I’ve had this problem often. Only solution is to unplug for a day. The worst is that they WILL NOT SEND ANYONE to look at it until you pull out the washer HEAVY and check all this stuff yourself. I mean really I can’t pull that washer away from the wall it weighs A TON!!!! I can’t do that physically so I guess they can’t help me???

  13. I also agree samsung washes are shit never buy one you will be wasting your time and money!!!!

  14. I have had my Samsung washer for over years and no problems, started getting the nf code at about 29-26 on the timer. All water lines are clear checked all the screens, unplugged overnight, and replaced the cold water valve, still getting the code. If you hit start sometimes once sometimes 3 or 4 times it will finish the cycle. What should I try next?

  15. I bought the Samsung washer 6 months ago and also had a NF error. I took the back hoses off to look at the filter screens several times and they seems fine (and clear). However the last time I checked that filter screen I used a soft bristle brush (like a fingernail brush) and brushed the screens, and that worked! As a way of troubleshooting, I recommend that you use a warmer setting during wash rather than a cold setting, that way you will have both hoses on and filling the washer. I did this and realized I did not get as many NF errors – and that lead me to brushing the cold water screen. Hope this helps end some frustration.

  16. I have not tested these but my washer is getting water… The “nf” appears when the washer wants to drain.
    Plz help

  17. Hi, this error is what I’m seeing however my circumstances are unique in that the washer is getting water. And plenty of it. I’ve done all the troubleshooting anyway, but as far as I can tell the washer can’t “see” that there is water. Any way to replace this sensor? Or something…

  18. My top load washer just said nf and there was a major water leak and water was everywhere. Any idea what this means? There are no hose issues that we can see.

  19. This happens to me if I put in a really heavy load, then I have to dry everything and rewash it in smaller cycles. Annoying

  20. Junk. These Samsung appliances are trash. I got the NF code while the machine was filling up with water. All I did was hit the start/pause button and it’s fine. Can’t wait to get rid of these. The dryer tears close and no one can seem to fix it.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Sorry to hear about the troubles with your Samsung washer and dryer. I wish someone could fix the dryer issue for you, sorry.



    I have had a Samsung washer for over 5 years. Started having problems with nF in some settings and nD shortly after purchase. Live on a farm so pump clogged often from dirt, horse cow hair, etc, and it really does not get dirty clothes clean in one wash. I fixed this situation by spending $250 on a top loader amana at home depot, and had extra plumbing run to have it installed right next to the Samsung. This is cheaper than many service calls I would have had to pay to keep it running by using it for all my clothes, plus I have cleaner clothes.
    i use the Amana for regular washing. i use the Samsung for washing wools, and delicates, and since it has such a large capacity, comforters. I would have junked it had I not paid $1400, for the thing, but as i say it is better for hand wash that the top loader. The Dryer quit working after 2 years, because it needs a new belt (ALREADY!), but replacing it is much more complicated than most and to much for an old woman like me so I brought in my 20 + year old dryer I had stashed in the barn for horse laundry (It also does a better job) and will fix the Samsung before i put my place on the market because most of the public likes those fancy looking front loaders.
    By the way I am 63 years old and the Maytag dryer that was bought when i was a baby is still going strong. Something to be said about good old fashioned American non-computerized products..

    • Hi, Awesome comment! Thank you. So glad you were finally able to get the Samsung NF error code fixed. That’s rad good work, friend:) Hopefully a few of our readers will find the info in your post useful. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a detailed description.


  22. What does code E5 mean??

    • Hi, I responded to your original question. Let me know if you have any more questions about the error code.



  23. The washer will not drain or wash what is the problem with a E5 error code

    • Hi, when does the washer display the E5 error code? Samsung washer error code E5 usually indicate draining problem. Have you cleaned the filter out if present on your model? I would need the model number to better assist you.



  24. I have Samsung Washer WA422PRHDWR/AA-0001 and I am getting the dreaded “No Fill” error.

    I went through the first 4 issues and everything checked out fine so I took the back cover off and located the valve assembly. Running a couple of cycles, I am not measuring any voltage coming out to the solenoids besides a few mV when the drum spins. At this point, do you think I may have a faulty control panel?

    • Hi, you don’t have any power to the water valve wires when it should be filling? Have you removed the pressure switch hose and made sure it was clear?

      Let me know.



      • Hi Matt,

        Correct, there doesn’t seem to be any power coming out to the solenoids. When you say the ‘pressure switch hose’ you are referring to where the hot and cold taps enter the machine, right? If so, yes, I made sure both of the screens were clear.

        To give some more background, I’ve had to fix a ‘no drain’ error on this machine before because the two wires that feed the drain pump had pulled out of the flag connectors. The wire gauge that the manufacturer used was way too small for the crimps on the connectors so I had actually soldered on small lengths of larger guage wire to make the connection. Anyway, long story short I had forgetten to insulate the solder joints with electrical tape before testing the machine out and when the controller tried to turn on the drain pump it shorted out against the side of the machine chassis and left a couple of scorch marks. I am worried that the short circuit caused something to get fried elsewhere in the machine circuitry, which is why I am leaing toward the control panel being the issue.

        Do you think I need a new control panel at this point? Or is this whole machine toast?


  25. My Samsung washer has the nf code however I know it is because after the drain pump housing bracket broke I installed a new one and now the pump is energized all the time. The pump comes on immediately now matter what setting the washer is on. The only feedback I have received is if the pump is running then it is good but I can’t find anything on what would make the pump run all the time. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ron, that’s very odd. A few things could cause the pump to run all the time. A grounded wire? Check the wires from the pump to the board. I would suspect an issue with the control if the wiring is good. Follow the wires from the pump to the board. Does the relay on the board have power coming out of it all the time? You have a very odd issue. Can’t say I’ve ever seen one of these washers do this. But I would start with the wiring and control if I did or do happen to see it.



    • I have the exact same issue! The water pump runs constantly, so the washer cannot fill with water. I took apart the pump, no clogs. The wiring does not seem to have any issues. I had a repair man install a new water pump last year after the factory pump snapped off it’s housing in the spin cycle.

      • Hi, have you checked the drain hose yet? If the hose is to far down the standpipe this could happen? The drain hose should be about 8″ down the stand pipe.


        • same issue. tried unplugging with no luck.

          • I have the same issue. The drain pump constantly runs. I have replaced the drain pump and control board…still have the issue- nF code. Cleaned valves, checked drainage hose…all ok, but he pump constantly runs, sometimes it starts immediately after plugging the power cord in and I haven’t even pressed the power on button yet!! HELP!

  26. I have a samsung WA400PJHDWR/AA and it will not fill. I have looked all over the internet and I can’t find any way to fix it. one site said to push down on the lid and make sure it locks. I did that I got two more loads out of it. Now nothing again. Error 3E. I have already checked the filters by the hose and nothing.

    • Hi, the problem you’re describing sounds like a stator or hall sensor issue. Possibly a loose wire connection on one of the two? I would double check the connections. The machine will not start filling right away. The motor needs to move for a few seconds before it will fill with water.


  27. Have a samsung WF0804W8W which continuously gives an 4E error code ….
    At the beginning of this symptom I was able to fix it by simply starting the machine every once in a while however irritating that was. But after about 1 month the problem became permanent and the error code continues
    The code is not constant …. the machine takes water in at the beginning of each wash cycle via the pre wash solenoid but then comes to a halt after 1-2 minuttes at which point the solenoids are buzzing after which the error code comes on …

    Ive tried most of the known fixes and even some of the more radical:

    1. Checked water pressure
    2. Cleaned water inlet filters
    3. Cleaned all other filters as well as water distribution holes above soap chamber
    4. Checked for false sucktion in water outlet
    5. Checked all cables for poor connections
    6. Bought new water inlet valve (solenoids) in the hope that this would fix it and this was when frustration hit the hardest since situation persists
    7. Tilted machine during period when water inflow is blocked at solenoid

    None of the above seems to be working …. hope someone can help

  28. Hi there! We have a Samsung VRT front loader. It started stopping right when the rinse cycle started and giving the ND code. SO I cleaned the drain thing on the front of the washer. It was really filthy and I hadn’t cleaned it int he 7 years we’ve owned it so hopeful that was the problem. However, still not working. Now it won’t even begin a cycle. I press start and it just sits there churning for a long time like it’s trying to fill but won’t fill with water at all. Then it finally stops and gives the ND code again. Had a guy come look today and he thinks it needs new shocks but I really don’t think that’s the problem. Any input?

    • Hi, based on your complaint it doesn’t sound like a shock issue to me. Do you see water in the drum right now? Did water come out of the filter when you pulled it out?


    • Julie, I have the same exact situation. Amy ideas how to fix at this point?

  29. Hey I have the Samsung front loader and Ive had it going on 4years and just now starting to get a nf error but I only get it when I wash towels so annoying I’m about to try and take hoses off and wash them I did clean out bottom fillter I clean it ever 2-3 months and have since I’ve had it I really wanna invest in top loader samsung I really love Samsung and this is really the 1st problem I’ve had but we did just move to a house with well water idk if that has anything to do with it or not …. :/

    • Hi, when you moved it you did not install flood safe hoses did you? It sounds like that’s a possibility or maybe the pressure switch hose is plugged up?


  30. We have the NF error regularly. We are on a farm with our own well. The filter is clogging we know that is the issue. Every few days it has to be removed and cleaned. Any suggestions on how to prevent the issue. If we remove the screen will it cause an issue?

  31. We have had our washer for 3 years, no real problems until now. Dryer is a different story. Today I got the nF code and decided to watch and see what was going on. It starts the cycle fine, but about 10 minutes in is when it throws the code. It gets water to start the cycle so in confused. Do I still need to check the hoses and other things listed above?

  32. My Samsung VRT top loading he washer gives me the NF error code. When I start a cycle, everything begins humming right along. Water is pouring into the tub as usual but then after 3 or so minutes, the NF message appears. I pause then look into the tub and all the water that I have been hearing pour in, is gone. It has drained out of the bottom of the tub, having never accumulated. If I hit the start button’ it resumes but only long enough for the NF error to appear again. Argh!

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful forum and I hope you have some advice for me. Thanks, in advance!


    • Hi Sara,
      I have the same model washer you have mentioned and am also having the same issues. I didn’t see a reply to your inquiry and was curious if you could tell me what you ended up having to do to fix this problem??

  33. All it took, had this washer several years, first problem and was a pretty easy fix. Thanks for the info.

  34. I have the Samsung front loader. No problems for over 2 years. I’m not getting any error codes. I noticed the drum wouldn’t fill with water on the Normal setting but it did on all the rest. This past weekend, now it doesn’t fill on Normal or Heavy Duty but still works fine on Perm Press. I’m afraid next weekend, Perm Press won’t work either. I always wash in warm water. I’ve unplugged and plugged back in. I checked the filter on the front and it was clean. Ideas before I pay the repair guy to come out???

  35. I have a Samsung front load washer, which I purchased less than a year ago from Sears. I get the NF code after the first spin on ANY setting (heavy duty, regular, cold, hot, etc). I can usually wait a few minutes, power off, and then set manually to rinse and spin – but this isn’t a solution.

    Hoses are clean, checked all filters, and when I called the maintenance man earlier this month, he came and just replaced the door handle without checking anything else. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s warranty is now up, so no help there…

    There are so many great suggestions on here, that I’m unsure where to start once I unplug the machine and open up the back panel. A list of things to check would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  36. I had the nf problem mentioned here. Sediment in the inlet filters was the problem. But the cold water filter came apart while removing. Is there a part number? No luck searching by common name.

    • Awesome. Glad you fixed that issue. With a model number I would be able to get you a part number for your Samsung washer.

      Thank you,


  37. Hi. Thanks for the guids.
    I had the same problem (NF code); tried cleaning the inlets but didn’t work. I checked the drain pipe, noticed that there might be difficulty in draining, cleaned the drain pip and the problem solved. Thanks

  38. I have a Samsung vrt front loader. It’s 4 years old and I’ve had mimtiple problems with it. My dad unhooked the hot water hose because it was leaking. Before he did that though I was periodically getting an nf code. Now I get the code on every wash cycles except for wool. I can only wash everything on wool setting without getting that code. It is so annoying! Also I have a Samsung dryer 4 years old that I’ve already replaced the heating element once less than a year ago and now it’s once again not heating up. Never again will I buy Samsung

  39. Hi, I have a different problem. As soon as i press the power on button, the cold water solenoid energises and lets cold water in until it overflows. I have replaced the cold water solenoid….same thing happens. Please help!!

  40. I have the Samsung Top loader. I am getting the NF error but the washer is FULL of water. It will not spin. The water does drain if I turn off the power. What is going on? The washer is getting water so not sure why we are getting that error code.

  41. That little hose was off on mine too!
    Thank you guys

  42. My front load Samsung washing machine won’t fill with water it just sort of vibrates it getting proper voltage the screens are all cleaned,so I’m at a dead end.

  43. Our washer only gives the NF error code when we use any setting other than normal wash. I’m so confused on why water comes in perfectly fine on the normal setting but none of the other settings.

  44. Hi, I have a Samsung front loading washer and have been getting nf (no fill) error codes after about 10 minutes of run time time. Problem is I have no fill issues, I am getting too much water! It fills to the point where water dumps out if I open the door. I have to put it in spin cycle to engage the pump to drain it, so no draining issue either.

  45. Hi I have a Samsung front load washer model number WF337aar/xaa that is absolutely driving me crazy I have done every Factory test on this machine and I cannot figure out why it will not do the final rinse cycle at eight minutes in high-speed. I did everything as far as troubleshooting it with the manual but it came with it and I find no fault codes. So are researching for their on this unit I noticed on the main board there was some burn areas so now I know the main control board is shot so I’m able now to Trickett to go into high-speed at eight minutes so I can finish my wash. So now I’m waiting for a new main board and now I can’t get it to fill with water I can hear something homing like it’s trying to fill but no water what can I do.

  46. I have done it all, with the hoses to the water inlet switch being replaced. I can only get my Samsung front load to fill on permanent press mode. What’s the deal! Lol. Please hrlp!

  47. I have the Samsung top loader and it’s showing nf and keeps overflowing hand flooding the wash room… What does this mean

  48. Hello, I as well have a Samsung front loader Model WF328AAW/XAA. My issue started off with the nF code as well…. I couldn’t see water running into it but could hear it filling…I made the mistake of opening the door and it was like a cartoon. The reason I couldn’t see water running into it was because the drum was completely filled, I learned this when I made the mistake of opening the door!!! About a gallon or two escaped all over the carpet in front of the machine.
    I popped the lid and sure enough the small hose that connects to the sensor on the right front top corner was off. I reconnected — Problem Solved!! Back in business!!

  49. I am getting the nf code on my Samsung washer. But it continues to run water even when it is turned off. The cycles are not finishing and the water keeps running. Help please. We do live on a farm and have well water. We wil check the screens etc. But why is the water running constantly … And not draining.

  50. nf alarm – no fill – Samsung …..Yep , water inlet screens were clogged at the back of the washer at the hot and cold inlet fittings on the washer ….removed hoses at washer , cleaned both hot and cold screens …. put it back together Voila works fine ! Thanks forum !

  51. My Samsung wf330anb/xaa will only fill on delicates or wool, I didn’t notice the “nf” code being displayed. I ran the quick test on inlet valve and water filled the drum. Would this be the water valve issue?

  52. Hi there my mums washing keeps coming up with 1E/IE we have taken the pressure switch out but cannot find another 1 around to replace it we have ask so many electricians shops and appliances etc but Noone can help us
    Samsung diamond drum 6.5kg automatic washer sw65v9w

  53. New valve on, screens and hoses checked, and it’s still giving the error code on the cold/hot settings only. There’s no cold water coming through at all. What do I do now?

  54. Samsung Washing Machine-NF code only when washing in the delicate cycle. All other cycles work perfectly.

  55. Nf code during wash cycle … But goes through pre wash just fine…

    Normal wash… Washer starts up.. I hear it filling… Than the water stops.. And i hear a slight humming and about a minute later i get NF CODE

    If i put on normal wash.. But add a prewash cycle… It makes it through entire pre wash.. Bu as soon as it kicks over to normal wash.. Same thing happens.. I then turn dial to rinse and spin only.. And that finishes the job. Annoying to have to babysit a machine lime this.. But its getting the job done.. With 3 kids 6 animals and 2 adults… Going without a washer is not an option…. And neither is buying a new one at this point…. Any suggestions for this lady here.

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