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Oct 172014

Sub zero refrigerators are by far top of the line products. Just take a look at their price tag.. Sub zero is dang proud of their Sub zero and wolf  line of kitchen appliances.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair – Portland – Oregon 

Sub zero has recently came out with an enhanced air flow kit. This kit helps noise complaints and cooling issues with the new Bi model refrigerators. They have recently realized that the way the air moves inside is insufficient. They are chaining the way the air flows inside the refrigerator cabinet. This will help keep the products inside the refrigerator cooler which in turn will help the food last longer. This kit will also make the unit run a bit more quite.

Not all models need the new enhanced air flow kit. You would need to get the model and serial number from the left side trim piece and call to determine if your model needs the kit.

Have a different Sub Zero refrigerator that’s not cooling? Use the comment form below to state your issues and one of us will help.



  2 Responses to “Sub Zero Bi36 model not cooling correctly”

  1. Just had the mod done on mine. Don’t know about quieter, as it involved changing the internal refrigerator fan, circuit boards, and adding a heat strip to prevent icing. Never noticed any issue prior, or excessive noise, but admire the way they stand by their products. Mine was almost 4 years old

    • Hi, I just replaced this kit on a 4 year old BI model yesterday. I’m glad they came out and took care of the issue for you. It took me about an hour in a half to get the kit installed. The fan should make the refrigerator run a tad bit quieter.

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