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Oct 312014

Samsung refrigerators have several different issues. One of the most common issue is a loud noise and condensation building up on the back wall in the refrigerator section. I have seen this countless times in the last several years.

Samsung Refrigerator Repair – Portland – Oregon

The noise you are hearing is the fan hitting ice. The fan wicks the moisture up to the fan and upper evaporator and eventually freezes. You can see what the evaporator fan motor housing looks like when it’s frozen over. Once it freezes over the temps in the refrigerator will rise drastically.

Evaporator Fan Frosted Over

Evaporator Fan Frosted Over


The water from the defrost drain line doesn’t go down the drain line because the line is clogged. When this happens the water is brought up to the top by the fan and builds up until it freezes. If your Samsung refrigerator is not cooling or making noise this is likely the problem.


You will need to remove the back panel to gain access. To get the back panel off you have to remove the two screws on the bottom and the two screws that hold the metal bracket in place for the shelves. The top screw is behind the little small square piece of plastic.


Once the back panel is removed from the refrigerator you will see the evaporator. The evaporator will look like frosted over in top. See picture below.

Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator If this is what your evaporator looks like, the drain line is frozen below. The drain line will get frozen because the drain probe is not long enough. There is a small metal probe that hooks onto the heater and goes down into the hole. They realized the probe was not long enough and some of these units have been having problems like this. You will need to order and replace the defrost drain probe to correct this issue for sure. You can clear the ice and hole with warm water.

Below is a picture of what the drain hole looks like frozen over. See picture below.


This is a very common issue on Samsung refrigerators. If this is something that you don’t feel comfortable with and are located in the Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR metro area, please see the link below. AllAroundAppliance will make this repair for you. They are very personable and honest folks and one of the only company that fixes Samsung appliances. See link below to visit their website.


Samsung Refrigerator Frozen Drain Line

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  1. Very good write up on this issue with Samsung refrigerators. I’ve seen this many, many times. I’m not sure why the manufacture wasn’t able to figure this issue out before these units went into production.

    Very detailed description and write up.

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