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Mar 042015

Samsung washers have several common issues and error codes. One of the most or more common error code is the FL. Several reasons why this error code will pop up in the display.

  • Door not shut
  • Loose connection on door lock
  • Strike on door lock missing/broken
  • Door not shut all the way

The FL error code indicates a faulty door lock assembly. The door lock will attempt to close 7 times before the error code pops up in the display. You may hear the lock clicking several times before the code comes up and you may not hear it clicking.

The repair is actually very straight forward. If you’re fairly handy, you can make this repair yourself. It will require no special tools and is not time consuming. Unplugging the unit so no power is present is the first step. Opening the door and removing the metal spring around the door gasket. You can use a putty knife or flat head to remove the spring. Once the spring is off you will be able to push the door gasket back enough to access the door lock. Make sure the connections are snug. The lock has several plug and play connections on it. You can remove the screws around the front that mount the lock to the frame. Once the screws are removed the door lock assembly will slide out the front giving you access to replace it. The job is actually very straight forward.

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  3 Responses to “Samsung Washing Machine FL Error Code”

  1. Thank you. The ‘FL’ code was not on the table I got from Samsung.

  2. changed this no result also changed main board still same promblem door is locked it trys to start 7 times then FL code pops up HELP

  3. This is the second time within 10 months the door lock on our Samsung washing machine has broken. Apparently the “famous” Samsung reliability and quality is a thing of the past!…time to find a better brand

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