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Apr 152015

Samsung microwaves that display the dreaded SE or 5E error code now have a fix.  Samsung has a new kit out to fix this issue. Instead of having to replace the touch pad assembly by itself they have a complete kit out to fix this error code.

Believe it or not the fix is fairly easy but rather costly. The error code means the touch pad is shorted. The touch pad senses a stuck or shorted key. Unfortunately the only way to fix this error is to replace the keypad also known as the touch pad assembly.

Depending on your Samsung microwave model number you may need a different part number. You can use the link at the bottom of this page to find the correct part number to fix this microwave error code.

A microwave can hold lethal voltage even unplugged. High voltage experience is a must when working inside and near high voltage components.

The key pad assembly comes with everything you need to fix this error code. The connections are all plug and play type.

See link below for part number of the assembly needed to fix the SE error code on a Samsung Microwave.

Click Here For #Number

Order Samsung Parts Click Here

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  1. Hi my Samsung over range microwave just quit on me when I was heating something up, Checked the breaker and it wasnt that. Model # is SMH173S


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