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May 032015

If you’ve called around a bit in search of a Samsung authorized company, you’ve probably found out that not many people work on Samsung appliances. If you’re lucky enough to find someone to service Samsung appliance, they probably will not be that knowledgeable on the product in question.

The washing machine error code LO indicates an issue with the washers door lock assembly. The door lock assembly has several different components inside that could cause it to fail. The small relay is often what breaks. Although on a regular occurrence we will find the door lock cracked. That’s normally because A. The door is being slammed shut or B. The door hinge is sagging and not hitting the lock assembly correctly. If that’s the case with your washer, the door hinge would also need to be inspected/replaced or possibly adjusted.

When the washer displays the LO error code you can try a couple things. Below are a list of the options you have before replacing the door lock assembly on your washing machine.

Samsung Washer LO Error Code Remmedies:

1. Unplug for 2-3 minutes:

Unplugging the washer will hopefully reset the washers electronic controls. Leave the washer unplugged for around 2-3 minutes to allow the capacitors on the board to discharge. If the LO error is just a glitch or software issue, unplugging the washer for several minutes may fix the error.

2. Check the door striker: The door striker is the part on the actual door. There is a small striker that enters the lock assembly and lets the door lock know to close. If the striker is missing, broken, or cracked, the LO error code could be displayed on the front of the machine. Also make sure the striker is tight and not dragging up the lock assemblies face.

3.  Replace the door lock:

In the event the above two options do not work the door lock assembly will need to be replaced to fix the error code. The repair is actually very straight forward. You can purchase the lock from any local appliance parts house or by clicking here

Manually Unlocking The Door:

If the door is locked shut, you will need to manually unlock the door. You can do this to get the clothes out of the washer until the new door lock arrives. To manually unlock the door first unplug the washer. Never service an appliance that has power applied in anyway way. Once unplugged you will be able to remove the top of the washer. Remove the screws on the back along the top edge. The top will slide back and off once the screws are removed. You can now reach down to the bottom side of the lock and pull down the loop on the end of the lock. To see a picture of the lock so you know what you’re looking at Click Here. Once the loop on the end is pulled down the door will open. You can then get the clothes out of the washing machine.

Replacing The Door Lock Assembly:

Replacing the door lock on a Samsung washer is very straight forward. The LO error code is common on these machines. If you’re handy, you can make this repair yourself and keep some coin in your pocket. Below are the steps to replace the door lock assembly.

1. Unplug the washing machine.

2. Open the door and remove the metal spring around the door gasket. On the bottom of the door gasket the metal wire connects to a spring. Once the metal around the front of the gasket is off the gasket will push back into the inside of the washer. Just enough to reach over to the lock.

3. Remove the screws from the door lock assembly. The door lock has several small screws on the front holding it in place. Remove the screws and slide the door lock to the left and out. There’s enough water to get the lock out near the front so you can see it better.

4. Take a picture of the door lock with the wires still connected. You can refer back to the image if there’s any confusion. The wires are plug and play style. They have a small tab you depress and lift up on to remove the wire connector. You will need to remove the plastic shield covering the door lock to get the wires off the lock assembly.

5. Replace the lock. Change the wires over to the new door lock and mount the lock to the frame with the screws. Put the gasket back on and the metal band. Plug the washer back in and run a quick cycle to verify everything is working correctly.

Replacing the door lock for the Samsung washer LO error code is actually very straight forward. In the above post I’ve broken down this job step by step. I know looking at some of these washers they can seem really complex. In all honestly they really are not at all. Accessibility might suck at times or actually most times. But the machines themselves are fairly straight forward.

I hope the above post helped you fix your Samsung washer LO error code issue. If it did and you have a second, please take a moment to drop us a line using the comment form below. A simple “Thank you” or “It worked” really goes a long ways.

May 2nd 2015


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  1. Excellent. Worked like a charm. Wife thinks I’m a hero. Thanks

  2. Great guide. Turns out one of the wire connectors just became unplugged on mine, which was a nice relief. This guided me right to it though. Thanks!

  3. Hey

    I think I am going to have to try this just got the lo sigal the door did open but the machine is unusable and keeps flasing lo. The only thing I did notice that I never paid attention to before is that the actual plastic piece on the door that has 2 screws holding it on and goes into the door lock moves around the screws are tight but it has a lot of wiggle to it. Is this normal? I believe that would be the piece you called the door striker.


  4. Brilliant! Gave me the confidence and information to replace the broken door lock assembly. Thanks!

  5. You are a rockstar my friend! I have reconnected the plug that wiggled loose and the LO is no more. Thank you!

  6. Thankyou! Answers were perfect!

  7. How about a top load washer, all these repair info is only for a front load washer. Could you explain how to fix error code LO for a top load washer Samsung VRT model no WA400PJHDWR/AA

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