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May 072015

Your Samsung washer is flashing LE in the little display window. You have piles and piles of laundry that needs to be washed. OMG! Yes, I know the situation all to well my friend. I’m an Appliance Repair Technician with tens of thousands of repairs under my belt. I’m going to explain what the LE error code means and also several key components to check. If you’re a fairly handy DIY’er than you will want to continue reading.

Samsung Washer Troubleshooting

Samsung Washer LE Error Code

Samsung Washer LE Error Code Troubleshooting:

This Samsung washing machine error code means “Low Water Level During The Cycle

Below is a list of several things you can check:

1.Check for leaks:

When the water level drops below the reset level this fault code is displayed. The first thing you want to look for is a leak. Do you see water on the ground. Look behind the washer on the side and underneath if possible. If you see water you most likely have a leak inside the washer. Several places that are common are the Boot from the pump to tub and also the drain hose. The rubber boot that connects to the bottom of the tub and the drain pump will often spring a leak. The boot will collect things over time and eventually if something sharp gets stuck it will poke a hole in the boot. Not extremely common but common enough we stock two different style boots on our trucks for this issue. The drain hose can spring a leak as well. If one of the drain hose mounting clips break, the hose could potentially rub and leak. More common on other washer models but it’s a possibility.

2. Check the drain hose:

This is also a very common issue that causes the LE error code on these washers. I’ve seen this problem most times in a newer install. The washer is a few days old and even sometimes hours. The drain hose can create a siphon if placed to far down the stand pipe. This normally happens when a new install crew shows up and installs the washer. They shove the drain hose as far down the stand pipe as possible. Check the drain hose by pulling up on it and listen for water coming out of it. That usually always means the drain hose is to far down the stand pipe. Most manufactures recommend putting the hose 8-12″ into the stand pipe. The washer should have came with a small plastic loop that you can zip tie the drain hose to. The small plastic loop prevents the hose from falling down into the standpipe and causing this issue.

3. Cracked Outer Tub:

Samsung front load washers use an outer plastic tub and the metal spin basket. The outer plastic panel could crack and cause this issue. Check around the tub and look for leaks. This is not a common issue but it’s a possibility. I’ve only seen it on these machines once maybe twice. other models that use a different counterbalance system are known for this happening to. Double check all hoses connections into and around the tub. If one of the hoses is leaked, the LE error code could possibly be displayed.

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Technician: Matt


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  1. my samsung washmachine is showin LE problem and there is lot of water on the flow, how can i solve this problem

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