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May 102015

The E2 error code is not a very common error. It does happen enough I decided to right a detailed post explaining how to fix this washing machine fault code.

If your Samsung washing machine is flashing/displaying the E2 error code, the control panel is going to most likely need to be replaced. This error code indicates the computer senses a stuck or shorted key on the keypad. The key pad is actually a user interface PCB control. Below are a couple things you can try before any appliance parts are ordered. This is a list of several of the most common issues that can cause this code to be displayed. These are things I do and try when I’m in the field servicing major home appliances. I hope these tips and tricks I share here help you get your appliance back up and running. If any of this information gets you one step closer to accomplishing your goal of fixing your washer, use the comment form an say thanks. It’s appreciated. Thank you

1. Unplug the washing machine: Sometimes but not often simply unplugging the machine for 2-3 minutes is enough to reset the computer. This is a free option so it’s worth your time to try. Leave the washer unplugged for 2-3 minutes. Doing so will let the capacitors on the control board discharge and sometimes that’s just enough to clear the fault code.

2. Check keypad for stuck key: The error means the control senses a stuck or shorted key. Try pressing each individual button in one at a time. Press each button in repeatedly. Sometimes doing so will allow the stuck button to pop back out. Not always but again it’s a free option so why not try it.

3. Check Wire Connections: It’s possible the wire connection on the board is loose or shorted. Unplug the washer and remove the top or access panel depending on your model and check the connections. I normally take each connection off one at a time and plug them back in making sure each wire seats tightly into the connector.

“The above are several of the most common things that cause Samsung washers to display the E2 fault code. It’s worth noting that normally when this error code is present the user interface will more times than not need to be replaced. Check the use and care guide that came with the machine. I believe some of these models had an extended warranty on PCB control boards.”

Replacing the user interface control board is actually a very straight forward repair. The very first thing you want to do is unplug the washing machine from the outlet.

You can then access the control by removing the two screws on the back that hold the top in place. The top will slide back and off giving you access to the user interface control. From there the connections will all need to be removed. The connections are all plug and play. Once the main wire connection is removed the main front control panel will lift up and off. You can then swap out the user interface control board. You can pick the part up from any local appliance parts house or sears parts will also be able to order them for you. If you’re more the DIY type and want to order and look the parts up yourself, use the parts tab at the top of this page and enter you model number.

I hope this post helped you in your quest to fix your Samsung washing machine E2 error code. If you still have questions regarding this error code or other, use the Ask Matt tab at the top of this page.



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  15 Responses to “What does Samsung washer error code E2 mean (Fixed)”

  1. Thank you! You saved me an expensive service call. I plucked loose a stuck button. I almost overlooked it because it was the black button with the dark gray label Extra Rinse right in the display. It must have gotten jammed in by my belt buckle a couple of days ago when I wrestled the washer out of the way to pull out the dryer to replace the vent hose. You are my hero.

  2. Many thanks for the post…going to try it now and I hope it works. In any case, many thanks for taking the time to explain this.

  3. Thanks! Start button got stuck. Sprayed it with electrical cleaner and massage it a bit, reset and it works!

  4. unpluggng for 2-3 minutes did the trick for me, whew thank you very much

  5. Matthew,
    May I just say, you are the best! I was getting the error code, but no stuck buttons, my washer would function but only on the last cycle I set it on. Unfortunately it was the quick wash. I couldn’t change or use any other functions. I unplugged my unit for about 30 minutes(just to be thorough). Upon plugging it back, I had a fully functioning washer. No repair costs and no embarrassment! Thank you times 1,000!

  6. THANKYOU so much for all of your suggestions

    Went to do the laundry this morning and got that E2 error code…came out of no where as they usually do.

    Was in a momentary state of panic as I started to think about how much it may have costed me to get a repair man out to fix it.

    Followed all of your suggestions and hooked it all back up and crossed my fingers and it worked!!

    Thanks again,

  7. Thanks! I had a stuck button and this saved me time in diagnosing and resolving the issue.

  8. Legend ! many thanks for your time to explain this annoying error code.

  9. Thanks to every one here.we save cash and time.

  10. There was a stuck button on my machine. Thank you so much for your willingness to share your expertise and provide the tips to try before calling for a repair.

  11. You are wonderful! I’ve been dealing with illness at home, and all of sudden my washer refused to start when I had load of soiled items to wash. I followed your steps 1 and 2 and the washer is working again. Thank you thank you thank you!

  12. I have a samsung front loader washer WF218ANB with error code E3. I’ve tested the motor under Quick test mode and also under service mode. Under service mode the door locks and the PCB sends the signal and I hear the motor/rotor try to spin but it sounds stuck and the E3 code comes on. Under Quick Test Mode it locks but nothing happens and after a few minutes the E3 code comes on. The drum doesn’t spin freely at all. It seems stuck. How do I test for the rotor position sensor? And can it be done via the PCB?

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