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May 112015

Samsung washing machine error code ds is a fairly common error on these washers. When this fault is displayed on your washer the control thinks the door is open and the lock is locked. There’s a couple things you can try to rectify this issue.

How to fix ds washer error code:

1. Unplug washer for 2-3 minutes: Try unplugging the washer for several minutes. Leaving the machine unplugged for a few minutes will allow the capacitors on the PCB control boards to discharge. When the capacitors discharge the control board basically will reset. If the error is a glitch or software problem hopefully unplugging it did the trick. If not, read on for another option to try before you have to replace any washing machine parts.

2. Door Strike: Check the small strike on the physical door. I’ve seen the striker break off and cause this fault code before. The striker is mounted with two small Phillip head screws. make sure the striker is in place and not broken and that it’s alined with the lock assembly.

3. Use diagnostics: You can use diagnostics mode to cycle the door lock assembly open and closed. By testing the door lock using diagnostics you can rule out any other component.

We usually find the door lock assembly has failed when this code is displayed. If you find the same thing with your washer, you can read below to find out how to actually change the lock assembly.

Replacing the door lock:

Replacing the door lock assembly on these machines is actually very straight forward. If you’re handy, you can make this repair yourself.

1. Unplug the washer: This is a no brainer. Unplug the washer before you attempt to make any repair or service. Once unplugged the washer can be serviced.

2. Remove the tub ring: The door gasket is held in place with a metal band. Remove the band and the front part of the gasket will come off. You can then push the gasket inside the washer.

3. Remove the door lock screws: The door lock has several small screws on the front mounting it to the frame. Once the screws are remove the door lock assembly will drop down off the frame of the washer.

4. Remove plug and play wires: The wires on the door lock assembly are plug and play. You simply need to depress the small plastic tab and lift up on the wire harness. The molex connector will come off the lock. It’s actually a very straight forward repair.

Once you’ve replaced the lock go ahead and button the washer back up. Run a quick test cycle to make sure everything is working as designed.

If everything works correctly, you have completed the repair. Fixing the ds error code is actually very straight forward. It’s more time consuming than difficult.

Did you find this article helpful? Still have questions about the Samsung washer ds error code? Use the comment form below and I’ll try to help you fix your washer.



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  1. Thank you! I was worried I had an expensive repair on my hands.

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