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May 132015

Samsung washer error code tE indicates a faulty thermistor also known as the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is a small round device that monitors the water temperature during the wash cycle. Over time several things can happen that will cause your washer to display the tE fault code. Below is a list of several things to check before ordering or calling for service.

How To Fix Samsung Washer tE Error Code:

1. Unplug the washing machine: 

Unplugging the washing machine may reset the control board. If the tE is displayed because of an electrical glitch or a software issue, unplugging the washer for several minutes may reset it. Leave the washer unplugged or the breaker off for a full 3-4 minutes. Leaving the machine unplugged for 3-4 minutes will allow the capacitors on the PCB control board to complete discharge. Once discharged the control has been reset.

2. Check Wiring Connection On Sensor:

Check wiring connection on the sensor. The connection could be dirty or loose. I’ve seen the terminal ends on the molex connector become dirty. Moisture will build up on the terminal ends and break the contact on the switch. When this happens the error code is displayed because the board can not read the sensor. You can use a small wire brush or contact cleaner to clean the end of the molex connector. I’ve also seen the wire on the temperature sensor break. Right at the sensor itself. So double check that. You could also follow the wires from the sensor to the board and with a multimeter test each of the two wires for continuity. If one wire does not have continuity, then the wire harness will need to be replaced because it’s broken.

3. Use Diagnostics:

You can enter diagnostics on your Samsung washer and read what temperature the control thinks the sensor is. If the reading is significantly different, you know for sure the temperature sensor is out of range and will simply need to be replaced. Diagnostics is different depending on the model number. You can use the ASK Matt tab at the top of this page or use the comment from below to post your model number and I can explain how. From the white and orange wire on CN 3 the temperature sensor should read roughly 50-57kΩ at room temperature. I believe based on the chart Samsung considers room temp 70F.

How To Replace Temperature Sensor (Thermistor):

The temperature sensor also known as the thermistor is located on the back of the washer. Unplug the washer before you attempt to make any repair to the appliance. The sensor is mounted to the bottom back of the drum. It’s held in place with two small screws. Once the screws are removed the sensor will slide out and you can remove the plug and play connector. The wire come off the sensor and connect to a small plug and play molex connector. Once you’re at this point you have pretty much replaced and fix the tE error code. Simply reverse the process and put the screws and panel back in place. Plug the machine in and run a quick cycle test. If the tE error code does not come back, the problem is solved. If the tE error is displayed after replacing the temperature sensor, the wire harness is damaged or the control board is the culprit.

Did this explanation of the Samsung washer tE fault code help? Do you still have a question about a samsung washer error code? Use the comment form below and I will try my best to help.

You can also use the ASK Matt tab at the top of this page.


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  13 Responses to “What does tE error code on Samsung washer mean”

  1. Hi Matt,
    Thank you for your post, it’s very helpful.
    English it’s not my first language, so maybe will be a little hard for me explain my problem, but here was the only place I find this error tE code and how to fix it. The model of my washer machine is WF106U4SAWQ/AZ.
    I would like you explain to me how to enter the diagnostics.
    I removed the thermistor and put back, disconnecting and connecting the plugs, but this did’nt resolve the problem.
    The sensor of temperature it’s in the same part of resistance (Thermistor? – what warm water…) How can I be sure the problem it’s in this part.

    Thank so much for your attention and I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear or say by the wrong way.

    • Hi, have you checked the resistance of the thermistor yet? The thermistor/sensor is usually always the culprit. Double check the wire harness and connections from the thermistor to the board.


  2. I have a error code on my Samsung washer.I already replaced the thermistior and checked all the connections.code is still present.any other suggestions?

  3. Hey Matthew,
    Your posts and page is very helpful , I just wanted to note that at top of the page you stated there is an ask Matt tab. On my page there is no such tab. This was on how to run diagnostics on samsung clothes washers

  4. I’m getting a tE code when the washer is in high speed spin and it shuts down. Could you please tell me why?

  5. Thank you your post is very helpful . I just made the mistake of forgetting to plug in the thermistor . The inner drum is rubbing and burning the seal do you have any suggestions as to what might cause this? The bearing looks good but it sounds like a ball is rooling around in the back of the drum and im not sure

  6. Hey Matt I have an error code te. I changed my thermistor on my Samsung wf330anb/xaa and tried to start it back up I still get an error code tE again I’m clueless can you please help

  7. We currently rent our house and the landlord is not very reliable when it comes to repairs. This is the second time i have repaired this machine for the same problem – tE error code. In both instances the wire leads to the sensor had broken due to what I believe to be a design flaw. The wire used between connectors is rather thin close to the sensor end, and while it is MORE than capable of handling all voltage and current necessary, I believe that the MOTION from the wash and spin cycles causes these smaller wires to break. If I encounter this again, i will be replacing the wires with a slightly thicker gauged wire.

  8. Hi Matt. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I have replaced the thermistor and got it to start a load. Now the tE code came back. What could I test/replace now?

  9. Anyone with error..its important to check connector wires..follow them back from thermistor and make sure they are not broken…i’ve had to do this twice…both times it’s the orange wire…1st time completely broken and 2nd just a small crack in wire… set up stinks for thermistor wiring so give yourself some extra length for wiring to counter the washing tubs movements..good luck

  10. Matt,

    Thank you! After replacing the drain pump on a Samsung WF220ANW/XAA Front Load Washer, I received the tE error code. I have ordered a thermistor, but I am not sure how to remove the old one or what the proper temperature reading should be. I tested the thermistor at 13 or 140+ degrees reading. Does that sound right?

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