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May 152015

Samsung uses the 3E error code to indicate a drive motor tach fault. If that sounds complicated, it’s not. If you’re handy, you can fix your Samsung front load washing machine error code yourself.

Below is a list of several things you can try before ordering and replacing parts to fix the 3E fault code.

How To Fix 3E Samsung Washer Error Code:

1. Unplug The Washing  Machine:

Unplug the washer for 2-3 minutes. If the fault is displayed because of an electronic glitch, or communication issue, unplugging the washer for several minutes may possibly reset the electronic panel. Make sure to leave the washer unplugged for at least 2-3 minutes. Leaving unplugged for that long will allow the capacitors located on the printed control board will discharge. letting the capacitors completely discharge is the best way to reset these electronic control boards.

2. Check Wire Connections On Drive Motor:

One fairly common issue that causes the 3E error code is connection problems. Double check the wire harness on the motor. To do so you will need to remove the small back access panel to see the motor and connections. On the back right side you’ll see the motor and the motor wie harness. If this was my call I would remove the connection and check the inside of the molex connection. Sometimes the contacts inside the contain burn/melt. If that check good examine the first several inches of the wire as it leaves the molex connector. I’ve seen the wire break a couple inches away several times. I’m not sure if it’s from stress or friction but I’ve seen it a couple times so double check that.

3. Check Wire Connections On Control Board:

The control board could possibly have a faulty wire connections or loose connection. Not very common at least not in my area but it could happen so It’s worth mentioning. Double check each connection on the control board. Make sure each connection is tight and the wires are not pinched are burnt anywhere. Again if this was my service call I would remove each wire one at a time and plug back in making sure each wire connection is seated tightly. That just ensures everything is good and sound and one more thing is ruled out.

4. Check Hall Sensor:

The hall sensor on the back of the washer monitors the speed and direction of the tub. The sensor can be out of range or it could also have a faulty wiring connection. I’ve also seen the wire harness on the motors hall sensor break. I know of other technicians who have seen the same issue. Double check the hall sensor. If you have a multimeter, you could ohm the sensor out. You can ohm the sensor out from the board or directly at the sensor. If you tested the hall sensor from the board, that would rule out a broken wire at the same time. That’s usually how I test these hall sensors. You don’t have to slide the unit forward and you can test it from the front.

Finally if all the above test good. The motor is going to most likely need to be replaced to fix the fault code. The motor on these units are actually very reliable. Unfortunately a few of them most have made it out of the factory with issues because the 3E error code on Samsung washers is becoming more and more common. I used to see this code very rarely. In the last two months I bet I’ve seen it 3-4 times.

Did you find this article helpful? Do you still have questions about your Samsung washing machine error code? The 3E fault code can be fixed and I can help you. If you still have questions, use the ASK Matt tab at the top of this page or the comment form below.



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  18 Responses to “How To Fix 3E Error Code On A Samsung Washing Machine”

  1. My front load washer only turns one way during the wash and spin cycles and takes way too long for a cycle. It finally showed the 3e error code but why would it only spin one direction instead of both or not ar all?

  2. My samsung frontload washer shows e3 and the drum does not turn at all. spoke with a repairman and he said I need to replace the drum. $500 for that. Could that be possible? Needing the drum replaced or is he off on his diagmosis?

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes, that sounds very odd. I would need more info to better help.


  3. Fault code E3 – drum rotates both ways but can sometimes be hesitant twitches but does not spin. After a few twitches it does spin either way. Does not reach full speed. Now has got stuck on 12 minutes on spin cycle only. Thanks.

  4. Hi, My Samsung washing machine has the following symptoms:
    – E3 code
    – Normally error show up when the temp is high in our garage
    – If I disconnect the machine for 4-5 mins nothing changes.
    – If I disconnect for few hours work perfectly but only few times.
    – After E3 code I emptied the drum and did not worked with empty drum (means no prob with the weight of the clothes)
    – Filter is clean.
    – No blocked pipe for the used water.

    Could be the main control panel ? Sometimes I just disconnect every cable for hours from the panel and working again.

    Many thx.

  5. Hi Matt i have the Samsung WF8750LSW front loader but its started having a 3E error and jumping around the floor when its trying to wash is there any way we can fix this without having to get a tech.

    Cheers Sandy.

  6. washer had badly worn out bearings and bearing seal, and a bit of water seeped out and theres a bit of “rust juice” on both the rotor and stator. I replaced the bearings and seal, now everything is nice and tight, but motor does not even hum or try to rotate (still getting the 3e error). Hall sensor shows resistance so it should work ok, there is no sign of melted or burnt wiring or connectors, I even took off the white plastic connector unit on the stator and everything looks fine. Do you know what the resistance readings on the motor should be? Also I was not able to put the machine in test mode with the general samsung procedures I was able to find online (my particular model is a wf221ang/xaa. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the rotor and stator are not returnable if I do order them…

  7. my samsung keeps going into pause mode

  8. hi. I had this error and couldn’t do a wash at all… I unplugged it and it went through a wash without any clothes in without a problem. I then did a normal wash and that worked as well… So if just unplugging it fixed it does this mean that it doesn’t need any other parts now and it’s fixed ?

  9. hi my samsung washer has the 3e code. it soaks all the clothes and then does not work showing this 3e error code any suggestions?

  10. Hi,my Samsung washer has 3e too
    Not washing cloths at all!
    My Samsung model is WF1124XAU
    The ecobubble tm
    Waiting your advice
    Kind Regards

  11. If your samsung washer has inverter motor primary you inspect bearing , belt , pulley, alien object in tub, then measure motor and harness and if all ok replace pcb inverter due to lack of driving power to motor.
    most of the times it is just pcb.
    Motor is defective only1/100 and less

  12. What is the replacement cost of a motor…if all the things tried & did not fix it?

  13. Thank you I found this very useful had tried trouble shooting on my own to no avail but all I needed to do was switch it off for a few minutes the system had got confused when I had a problem with the water supply I guess

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