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Nov 202015

I’ve worked on a lot of different brands of refrigerators over the last 15 years and none have left a mark quite like the Samsung brand. I’ve been factory authorized for almost 15 year now I’ve seen a lot of appliances come and go. The amount of trouble folks seem to have with these particular refrigerators is quite impressive to me.

I want to work on just one of the common issues these refrigerators seem to have. A knock, a tap, or a grinding type noise.

These side by side and bottom mount Samsung Refrigerators have several common issues that can causes these noises. I’ll try my best below to describe them all. I’m hoping with the provided information you will be able to not only learn something but you will be able to apply that new information into a feeling of accomplishment by fixing your broken appliance. If you require more help, please use the “Ask Matt” page @ the top of this page. I can provide step by step detailed directions on how to make this repair yourself.

How To Fix A Noisy Samsung Refrigerator:

First things first..pinpoint where the noise is actually coming from. One thing to keep in mind is that the fans inside will only run when the doors are closed.

Usually when the sound is coming from the inside it indicates an issue with the defrost heater or defrost drain. Occasionally the door being left open for to long can and does cause this issue. The warm air hits the cold air and creates condensation. This then freezes on the evaporator and the evaporator fan blade hits the frost/ice and creates a loud noise.

Now the door being left open, a faulty defrost component, or a plugged defrost drain line can cause this. This is where the problem can get tricky especially if the unit has been left in a noisy or not functioning at 100% state for a week or longer. The frost/ice compounds and makes it difficult to determine what exactly is going on. This is where you will need not only special tools but also the ability to read schematics and multimeters. A basic understanding of electricity is must when servicing an appliance.

The defrost heater gives off heat during the defrost cycle to melt the frost on the evaporator. If the heater fails, the frost will build up so thick the fan ends up hitting the frost. Eventually the frost/ice will stop the fan blade and the temperatures inside will raise. This is normally when folks set up a service call. By now it’s compounded for a week or better and is a solid block of ice behind the panel. Sometimes when the defrost drain line is clogged this will also happen. You have to defrost and test the heater to be certain of what exactly is going on. The defrost water not draining will build up from the bottom up. When this happens the situation is even worse because it truly is a block of solid ice you have to melt. Once the ice is melted you can then try and clear the drain line with a turkey baster and hot water or something similar.

The drain line on Samsung refrigerators is not an easy one to get to or clear. If you require more technical help after reading this post, please use the “Ask Matt” tab at the top of this page. I’m always happy to help.




  12 Responses to “Samsung Refrigerator making Strange noise”

  1. Hi Matt, we have a Samsung bottom-drawer freezer with double door fridge. RF261BEAESR – that’s what it shows on my receipt. The fridge is just over 3 years old. It’s making an awful humming noise that stops when you open it – definitely sounds like a fan b/c when you open the fridge I can tell that something is trying to stop running in order to slow down/stuff b/c the noise changes up. The back of the fridge is covered by a large metal panel. What’s the best way to get in there and see what the issue is? I have an 8 week old so investigating is tricky on timing. 🙁
    Thanks – Jenn

    • Hi, the noise is coming from the fan for sure if the noise stops when the door is opened. The back panel inside actually needs to be removed. Does the noise stop when you open the refrigerator or the freezer side?


      • Hi Matthew,
        I also have the 3 years old Samsung RF261BEAESR and have the fan noise as most people said.The noise will stop when open the refrigerator door. We try to use hair dry to heat up the fan area once then the noise stop for around four month.

        Also, it sometimes have water leak out from inside back panel then become ice under the refrigerator drawer.It automatic set up the temperature at -3F when we do the reset few month ago when we change the water filter. Beside, the filter light is on again. Can you please help? Thank you.

  2. Hi Matt!

    I have a Samsung RB1855SW, same problem as above. I googled and got some tutorials and did remove the back panel and found that a tiny piece of the fan (the tip) had been chipped. I took it off and put a tiny nut in back of the fan so it wouldn’t butt up against the frig (which is what made it stop moving). It worked for awhile, then I went out of town, and upon my return…the refrigerator was DEAD! SOOO, I was just about to buy myself a Maytag (after all that cleaning of disgusting and smelly food!), but, “single mom on a budget” here, thought, I’d try and fix it again. This time I took a look at both the freezer fan (the original one I’d “fixed”) and took the upper panel off and looked at that fan, which was fine. I, once again, found a nut (this time a bit larger) and put it on. Plugged it in, and it seems to be okay. So, is this quick fix gonna go bad again? And do I just need to order a new fan, or is there something else I’m missing?

    Thank you soo much for your help!

    Miss Do it herselfer (or tries, anyway!)

  3. Hi matt I have the same problem that you describe with the noisey fridge which has stopped put the temp is rising can you tell me how to fix I’m pretty handy.
    Regards. Ken

  4. Matt, My 297 HDRS French door fridge has water pooling under the drawers. I did open up the fridge and removed back panel. I could not keep the fridge unplugged too long. Do you recommend buying the “defrost drain clip” I see posted? Should I plan to power down, relocate all the food and defrost? Note the ice was not built up around the drain, but it was not draining, so I assume the blockage is lower. Also, how does the fridge discharge the water? Thank you!

  5. I have the French Door Samsung which I bought in 2016.
    I have a loud intermittent noise that comes on three times a day. One thing I can say for sure is that it comes on every morning at approximately 5:00 AM to 5:30 AM and stays on for at least an hour and a half and is so loud that it wakes up everybody in the house. The noise does not stop when you open up the doors on the refrigerator. The last repair man that came out told me that is was the compressor fan and the noise was coming from the back and the noise was normal and I would just have to get used to it. However, for the first six months I never heard one sound coming from the refrigerator and that the new loud noise is occurring only recently.

  6. Hi

    My Samsung fridge makes a bubbling / burble noise whenever I shut the door. Almost like blowing bubbles. Can you help?

  7. We have a four year old Samsung french door type refrigerator with the knocking sound and on occasion the humming noise that the opening poster noted. I figured it was just normal refrigerator operation and didn’t thank to much about it, but sometimes it’s loud.

    The other day it started a fan noise, when you open the door it stopped, when you closed the door it started again and then after a while it would cease. We saw a lot of comments on the web about the fan issue and thought we might have a lemon. The freezer door has been left open before and it will frost up. The fridge doors have been left open on occasion, and it will beep at you which could be problematic.

    We called the Samsung service center and was walked through some resets. We were told to PULL OBJECTS in the refrigerator away from the dual fan ports above the top shelf, so we only have soda cans and lower height items on the top shelf that do not block the ports. It has NOT made a peep since we made the corrections.

    I can live with this refrigerator storage plan and suggest you call the service center. The freezer is set on -3°F and the fridge is set on 37°F. We do not have the ice maker hooked up, we have hardwood floors up stairs and down and all ICE makers eventually leak, I’ve dealt with that issue before.

  8. My bottom mount has been making a banging noise from the rear and ,and now it doesn’t seem to keep the cold

  9. Hi Matt,
    I’ve got a Samsung RF260BEAEBC Bottom Freezer. Run’s good except all at once it will make a terrible vibrating noise just prior to the ice maker dumping. I have noticed that some of the ice cubes are not filled out. I am a retired Navy SEAL. The only way I can describe it is “Sounds like it is sucking air” Got good strong pressure on the water line to the ice maker. I have no idea what it could be. You can be sitting there watching TV when all at once this occurs. It makes a nervous wreck out of my Lab dog and doesn’t do wonders for me. Any suggestions.

  10. Hey,
    I have a Samsung French door bottom refrigerator RF260BEAESR/AA 05. I’ve never heard anything like it. It makes a creaky, squishy, scratchy sound every once in awhile. It’s not a fan scraping sound. Sounds like someone is walking across a creaky floor in squishy golloshes. What in the world is it???

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