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Feb 032016

If your Samsung refrigerator has stopped cooling there are several things you can check. Below is a list of several of the most common reason the compressor on your refrigerator has stopped running.


Samsung Refrigerator No Cool:

Is the fan next to the compressor running?  If you’ve answered yes, then the compressor should be running as well.

Are both the refrigerator and freezer sections not cooling? If so, the compressor is most likely not running.

Is the fan in the freezer and refrigerator running? If so, the compressor should be running.

Over the last few years these refrigerators and freezers have become more common. We see lot’s of them in our service area and until recently I had never seen the small fuse cause the compressor not to start.

Everything else was working fine inside the refrigerator and freezer with the exception of the cooling. On the very back of the refrigerator is a main control board. After spending an hour trying to figure out where we were losing power it ended up being from the inverter board. The inverter board has a very small I mean tiny little fuse on it. I ran to the local hardware store after realizing this fuse was bad and not having this particular one on the service truck. After picking up a new inverter fuse and replacing it the compressor started right up. After 20 minutes or so the temps inside started dropped quickly and we knew we had the problem solved.

Did the small fuse on your Samsung refrigerator fail? If so, leave a comment below. Have a question for Tech Matt? He would love to help out. Use the comment form below to ask your Samsung appliance repair question or simply use the contact us form and I’ll respond ASAP.


  2 Responses to “Samsung Refrigerator Not Cooling (Fuse)”

  1. Hello
    We are having a problem with our refrigerator. The fruit and vegetable bins are accumulating water and ice. Model # Rf197 ACRS Samsung.
    We have the temp at 38 and freezer -2
    Thank you

  2. Hello Matthew,

    Our 23 cu.ft. 3-door Samsung recently went through a four day storm outage. Although power has been restored and the unit cools and freezes beautifully we have wonky/random lighting (you can hear the lighting clicking even when the unit is closed) and ice is being made but not dispensed. When the unit comes in the error code displayed is “46 E”. Once on a while, the codes 39 E and 25 E will also register… I believe from us messing with the ice maker etc. We are three months out of our 1 year warranty and Samsung is telling me that the error code doesn’t exist. I am hesitant to pay their repair technician to invesrigate an error Samsung doesn’t recognize. Any ideas?


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