Feb 042016

Ask dishwasher’s have several common issues. This article pertains to the USA purchased Asko dishwashers that run non stop.

Have you just walked into the kitchen to find the dishwasher still running when you know it should have been done hours ago?

Does the dishwasher run with the door open? The dishwasher will not start a cycle? The dishwasher will not fill up with water but just runs?

If you answered yes to this questions then your machine is most likely in flood mode. Asko uses a small puck that floats and activates a small micro switch when water enters the sealed base pan. Yes, your dishwasher has a sealed base pan. The part below where the washing happens..It’s a secret chamber where the motor, auxiliary drain motor, water valve, and all the other components live. The bottom of it is sealed to catch any water that the dishwasher may leak.

A couple common places these units leak from is the over fill weep hole, the hose going from the motor to the bottom of the tub, the hose from the motor to the drain pump, and also the drain hose. Those are some of the more common areas these units tend to leak from.

“If you’ve found your Asko leaking from a different area, use the comment from below and let the other readers know what you found and what to look out for.”

The kick plate or toe kick has several small Torx screws that hold it in place. Once those screws are removed access to the inside where all the parts including the float will be obtained. Disconnect the appliance before servicing. ¬†Once the toe kick is off you’ll be able to dry the water up in the base pan so the float switch can reset. That will let the dishwasher fill back up with water and start a cycle. At this point in the game it’s best to leave the bottom panel off look for the leak. Where did the water come from? You’ll need to figure this out and repair the leak or the float switch will be activated once again.

Have questions about your Asko dishwasher? Not sure where to start or who to call? Want to talk to an expert right now? Use the comment form to speak with Matt. Leave a brief description of your situation and the model number of the ask dishwasher. If your Asko has an error code on the panel/display, that information would be helpful right away as well.


  3 Responses to “Asko Dishwasher Running Non Stop”

  1. HI,

    How can I removed the drain hose from the button of the D-5122 Asko diswasher ?

    Is the secret chamber can be removed to get more acces to the parts? If yes how?

  2. The is water comming in the secret pan but iI can’t see were it’s come from.

    I will do another test .

  3. I have an Asko Dishwasher Model D3350 with an error code F4. This machine is about ten years old.

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