May 122011

How to remove a Maytag Gemini Upper oven door.  This is a very simple process.  Simply open the door to the broil position and pull up.  The ovens door will slide up and off the hinges.  When putting the oven door back in place the hinge may want to snap back and hit the ovens cavity.  Take the necessary steps to prevent any damage to the ovens liner.

Maytag make the process of removing the oven door so you can clean between the glass.  If your Gemini oven has spots on the glass you may need to remove the door to clean the glass.  Need oven repair support?  You can now post your question in our DIY repair forum.  We can assist you with you Maytag oven repair.

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Apr 192011

The newer Dacor ovens require a password in order to adjust their temperature offset to calibrate the oven temperature.  You will need to enter the diagnostics mode, enter a password and calibrate the temperature for each function (bake, broil, convection, etc…).

To Entering Calibration Mode:

1)    Press and hold the “0” and “#” keys. The display will show the word “PASS”.
2)    Using the number keypad enter 6428 then press the Start key.
3)    The display will change and read “SLCE” “00”. Quickly move to step 4.
4)    Select the cooking mode that needs to be calibrated for example “BAKE“. Using the number keypad enter the new calibration offset for example “25”. Using the number keypad press “#” to toggle between + and –. Press the START key. This will lock the calibration. Press the CANCEL – SECURE key to complete procedure.



Apr 102011

DCS ovens use electronic spark re-ignition.  Fisher Paykel makes these ovens and they have a good reputation.  Regardless, often times the igniter will continue to click.  Several things can cause the electrodes on a DCS oven to continue to click which it shouldn’t be sparking.  The most common issue being that the cook top was just cleaned.  When the electrodes on a DCS oven or cook top get wet it will cause these devices to short and become defective.  The spark module thinks the switch is calling for spark.

There are two things you can do to stop the clicking sound.  First, flip the breaker off for several hours, when the electrodes are dryed out they will stop clicking.  The second thing to do is to speed up the process by using a blow dryer on the electrode to speed up the drying process.

If you require further assistance fixing or replacing parts on your DCS appliance we can help.  Post your question in the DCS oven repair forum and a authorized technician will assist you.  We know these units well and would be happy helping you repair your oven without a appliance repair man.

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