Aug 052015

I’ve been repairing appliance for close to 15 years now. I’ve seen a lot of different make and models over the years. I thought I had a pretty good handle on which top load HE washer was the best on the market.

Lots of different reasons to go with a top load HE washer.

They have a faster spin than a normal top load washer

They use less water than a conventional top loader

They use HE washer soap like front load machines


An HE top load washer is very much like a HE front load washer. Any and all HE washers need HE soap. Regular soap will not work. Regular tide soap would cause a sudsing and cleaning issues along with others.

What are some of your experiences with top load he washing machines? I’ve heard some real horror stories from lots of customers. I know multiple customers have different issue with the same machine within the first year.

What’s been your experience with a Top Load HE Washing Machine?


I’ve gave a ton of useful information here on repairing appliances. I need your help. Use the comment form below and let me and all the readers know which HE washer you like or dislike and why? Name the make and model if possible…If not, the make will do.. I appreciate the support.

If you have a question about HE washers, use the comment form as well. I’ll try my best to answer your question in a timely matter.


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