Dec 142013

Samsung top load washer model number WA456DRHDSU has several common issues. One of which is a drain pump breakage/leaking problem.

The drain motor on this particular washer will completely break off the drain motor bracket. When this happens water will leak and or the washing machine may not drain. The bracket has been redesigned to solve this particular leaking no drain situation.

When the pump breaks the hose will pull off the bottom of the washer and possibly leak all the water out of the washer. To determine if this is the issue with your Samsung washer leaking, the unit will need to be tipped back. The motor is on the left back of the washer. See picture below.

Samsung Top Load Washer Drain Pump Motor Leaking

Samsung Top Load Washer Drain Pump Motor Leaking

The picture to the left is the new bracket and motor installed. If your pump motor bracket is broken, check the two wires that go to the motor. Often when this happens the wires will break as well. If this is your situation, then you will need to replace the wire harness and the pump motor and bracket.You can see exactly what happens when the drain motor breaks by looking at the picture to the right. The motor separates from the bracket and pulls the hose off the bottom of the tub and will cause either a big water leak or small. Every situation is a bit different.

Samsung Top load Washer Old Style Pump Motor Bracket

Samsung Top load Washer Old Style Pump Motor Bracket



If the motor terminals are damaged like the picture below, you will need the bracket, wire harness, and motor to fix the leak.

Broken Samsung Washer Drain Pump

Broken Samsung Washer Drain Pump

I’ve seen a number of these Samsung washers leaking in the last few weeks. It will become more common since more and more of these washers are sold around the USA.

The bracket is held to the bottom of the washer will three screws. The two wires on the drain motor are plug and play type.

Tipping the washer back has worked best for me. If you don’t want to remove the water hoses, you can tip it back enough to look under and verify that this is what is going on.


This repair is actually very straight forward. If you have questions about your Samsung washer leaking, leave a comment below, or sign up for our free Samsung washer repair forum and I can walk through a few more steps with you to determine exactly why your Samsung top load washer is leaking.


Dec 122013
Samsung Top Load Washer Aqua Jet problems

When a Samsung washer leaks in Aqua Jet mode you will notice water on the floor. Usually from what I have seen the water is noticed on the left side of the washing machine. If your floor is not level, you could notice on the right or in the front.

In the last two months I have seen 4 or 5 issues with Samsung top loading washers leaking in Aqua Jet mode. On two of the four the Aqua Jet was the issue. On the other two I had to replace the actual tub seal to resolve the customer complaint.

You can check and make sure that the Aqua jet is not cracked and is pointing towards the inside of the drum. I have seen where the bracket breaks and causes the Aqua jet to spray water up and over the tub. When that happens the water will hit the side of the cabinet and run down onto the floor.

It didn’t take very long to figure out where the leak was on both. I had the rear access panel removed and was watching for a leak. As soon as the valve kicked in and sent water to the aqua jet I saw water spraying up and over the tub. I removed the top and investigated and found the Aqua Jet head broken. The fix was to order and replace a new Aqua jet head.

The top of the washer needs to slide back and tipped up to replace the jet. Take note of the small clear hose on the back when tipping the washer back. The metal edges are very sharp and will cut right through the hose. It’s best to remove the small metal piece that protects the wires when tipping the top back. Doing so will prevent extra stress on the control board wires and also prevent the pressure switch hose from being sliced in two.

If you found the Aqua jet in good shape, then the tub seal would be the next step. The tub seal sits in the blue splash shield located on the top of the outer basket. It’s a small thin gasket that is pressed into the blue splash shield.

I have simply ordered the splash shield on the two that I’ve seen leaking because the seal is already in place and I know that way I went mess up the installation of the gasket. It can roll or not seat right inside the splash shield. Alleviating any potential call back means I make more money.

Do you have a question about your Samsung Top Loading Washer?

Leave your comment below or come over to the Samsung Repair forum. The forum tab is located at the top of this page.


Dec 102013

This error code is used on most newer washing machines. The error code F9 E1 will be displayed on most newer Maytag washers and Whirlpool washers.  If this error code has popped up on your washer then this article is for you.


A couple things to check first are.

1. Is the drain hose to far down the stand pipe? The drain hose should only be about a foot down the stand pipe in the wall. If the hose is farther then a foot, it can create a siphon. When this happens the washer will siphon the water out as it’s filling. Pretty common issue.


2. Are you using HE soap? Yes the error code F9 E1 can and will be displayed if the washer senses to many suds inside. Even if you are using HE soap, make sure you are using the appropriate amount. To much soap “HE” or not will cause this issue. Line one on HE soap is going to be plenty for just about any size load you are washing.


3. Is the drain hose kinked or clogged? If the black drain hose on the rear of the washer is kinked or clogged, then F9 E1 will be displayed. You can make a quick visual check of the drain hose for any kind of obstruction.

If the hoses are clear and you are using HE soap, then you most likely have a blocked or failed drain motor.


Unplug or disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair. 

The drain motor is located on the front of these washing machines. That’s a plus and means the washer will not have to be pulled out. There is a small access panel on the bottom of these newer Maytag and Whirlpool washers. Three small quarter inch screws hold the panel in place.


Once the screws are removed the panel will come off. The pump filter is directly in front of you at this point. The handle can be twisted counter clock wise and then pulled out. Most likely you will find some sort of debris inside. It can be an article of clothing, lint, backing from a rug, or change. I’ve seen it all believe me after ten years of appliance repair nothing surprises me anymore.


If nothing is inside the drain pump filter, then the pump motor could possible be bad. Check the pump and see if it is even trying to start. If it is trying to start and the filter is clear, then the motor is most likely bad.


When the filter is removed all the remaining water inside the washer will come rushing out. Try bailing the water out of the washer and then have a bucket or a handful of towels ready to absorb the remaining water.