Dishwasher Clean Light Blinking 7 Times


The exact definition of this error when the clean light is blinking means that your dishwasher is failing to heat the water in an allotted time.  This problem can occur on Whirlpool, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Jenn-Air, and Maytag dishwashers.  The error can be caused by numerous issues but the first thing you want to do is reset the control board.

-To reset the control board press: high temp wash, heated dry, High temp wash, heated dry, high temp wash, heated dry, high temp wash, heated dry, high temp wash. If you don’t have a “heated dry” button, use the “air dry” or “energy saver dry” button instead.

-All the lights will go solid at which point you press cancel to reset the board.
-If the control board doesn’t reset, it’s likely that you’ve just got a faulty control board and the control board will need to be ordered and replaced.

The next step in this process is to start a new cycle and see what happens.  If the error code returns, then you’ll want to reset the board again and check several things.  The most common reasons for this error is because the water coming from your household is just too cold.  The dishwasher is expecting 110 degree water to enter your dishwasher, so if your pipes are cold, the water may only come in luke warm.  To correct this issue, just run your faucet next to the dishwasher until the water coming out is hot.   On another note, make sure the dishwasher is washing with good water pressure.  You can put a cup in the upper rack facing upwards and run a cycle to see if it will fill within 10 minutes of starting the cycle.  If it doesn’t fill with water then you know that the dishwasher isn’t producing enough pressure which, in turn, will cause the water to not heat.  You’d want to take your pump and motor assembly apart to clean inside if you had a loss of pressure.

You could also have a failed component including a faulty heater, control board, or high limit thermostat.  You’d need to uninstall your dishwasher, disconnect power and lay it on it’s back to check the resistance of the heater as well as the resistance of the high limit thermostat to confirm if they were bad or good.  You should get tangible reading of between 5 and 30 ohms on the heater if it’s good and less than one ohm on the high limit thermostat.  If both of those devices check good, then replace the control board because that’s the one device you cannot test.

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  1. I have an Asko D3251 model type DW 20.3 dishwasher that started to show a flashing Pots and Pans light and the pump seemed to run continuously. I called Asko as I am not he first owner and was unsure of warranty etc. They basically sent me a ‘Guide to Correcting Possible Overfill Condition’ which I followed to a ‘t’. There was water in the overflow tray, I vacuumed it out then it worked again for another 12 loads but then started doing the flashing Pots and Pans light thing again. I did the same procedure and it worked for 6 loads this time. Called Asko again they want me to call a tech but given our experience with appliance repairs I would like to do all I can before making that $$$$$ call.
    So now the pump continues to run and even after I have drained the sump area of the drain pump. I have cut the breaker to the unit as it doesn’t stop now.
    Having left it off for a few days the unit does not run with the power restored, I have drained the pan again. Am thinking I may run it without the cover to see if I can identify where the water is getting in from.
    Spoke to Asko and they basically hand it off to a service tech once the Overfill remedy has been tried. She mentioned it may be a diverter or intake valve tat is leaking however since the pump/sump continues to run unless I trip the breaker I am a bit skeptical. Any ideas?

    • Hi, the most common issue on this unit is the small hose that connects the wash motor to the tank splits and leaks water into the pan. If you still need help, please come to the forum and I will assist. I’m just getting back into town or I would have responded sooner.


  2. Thanks so much for posting this info, I had a ‘cancel’ light blinking at me nonstop on my MDBH979SAB1 and was able to reset the control board. Once it was reset, the dishwasher resumed normal operations.

    • You’re very welcome. Glad the post helped.


      • Thank you, Matthew
        That is exactly the information I needed to repair my dishwasher. Wouldn’t it be nice if the company that makes them would supply such info to it’s “valued customers”
        Thanks a lot

  3. Thanks – you save me

  4. Both my heater and thermal thermostat have a good ohm reading. I replaced the control panel but I am still getting the blinking light. The ends it’s cycle early and the dishes are not clean. Any suggestions?


  5. I have a Kitchen Aid dish washer (KUDE6OFXSS4) and the buttons on the control panel control panel are very much different that in the above mentioned instructions. I have tried various hot wash and dry buttons/settings but cannot determine the correct ones. My options are such as Pro scrub, etc…..
    About 18 months ago the control panel was replaced., but I do remember the repair man running a diagnostics with all of the top panel lights lighting bright Blue.
    Also, I removed the bottom front kick plate and there are no diagnostic codes or anything written on the back,

    • Hi, try picking three buttons and pressing them 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2,3? Do all the lights come on?


      • Resetting control panel….thanks Matthew, I have a Jennair Trifecta dishwasher. Had blinking green clean light, wouldn’t reset. Used the 1,2,3;1,2,3; 1,2,3 with the sensor wash, heavy wash, normal wash…all the lights litghted up, I hit cancel cycle twice then the control panel was reset! Saved a repairman coming out that didn’t know what to the last time this happened! THANK YOU!

  6. Thanks!!! Worked like a charm!

  7. Hi, I treid resetting the control panel, I got all the lights to come on, I pressed cacel. but the clean light is still blinking. This is on my sissters dishwasher, and the house has hard water, I’ve cleaned the heating element with that CLR stuff and got most of the hard water deposits off. could it still be the control board? or the heater?

  8. Thank you. Fixed perfectly!!!

  9. Yes! Yes! Yes! With three children age 5 and under visiting for a week, I am ever so grateful resetting the control panel worked and now so is my wonderful dishwasher!

    • Awesome! Glad you got your dishwasher back up and running. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


  10. My KitchenAid process differs slightly. After alternatingly pressing the Sani rinse and Energy-efficient saver dry until the whole panel lights up, it is necessary for me to close the door to effect a reset. Pressing the cancel button isn’t the key.

    Once I had reset the panel, I did in fact press the cancel button and close the door again in order to terminate the failed cycle.

    My heating element looks fine. I’m guessing the problem is either a temperature sensor or a constriction in the water inlet – perhaps a failing valve.

    • Hi, the element, thermostat, and wash motor could also cause the clean light to blink/flash. So double check those. The thermostat is located on the bottom right side behind the tow kick. If the wash motor hums. it most likely has failed and will need to be replaced.


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