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F1 on Fisher & Paykel Dishwashers


F1 means that there is water in the base pan below the bottom drawer. This usually happens because something was stacked too high in one of the drawers when it was running and this caused the lid to not seal up when the drawer was shut.

You could also have faulty lid actuators that won’t pull the lid down all the way to seal up to the drawer, or possibly a leak from a faulty inlet valve that is leaking.  To correct the issue, pull the bottom drawer out. There are 2 square plastic push tabs on the right and left side of the drawer just behind the front panel.

Pull the drawer forward and push in on these tabs. This will allow you to pull the drawer out a bit further so that you can get towels in the base pan behind the drawer.  Soak up all the water and leave the unit unplugged for 24 hours to let it dry out. Once it’s dry, the F1 error  shouldn’t return.

If the F1 error doesn’t go away, then unfortunately you will need to replace the small filter board in the back left corner of the base pan under the plastic housing because that is what senses the water.

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  15 Responses to “F1 on Fisher & Paykel Dishwashers”

  1. My fisher paykel dishwasher is making a strange noise and beeping. Pushing the stop button helps temporarily but then both drawers start making the noise and beeping all over again. The only way to stop the beeping is to unplug the dishwasher.

    • Hello, sounds like the dishwasher is in flood mode? If it is, then video above shows how to get the pan dry and reset the electronics.

  2. Need assistance removing frozen rotor in fisher paykel dishwasher DS603

    • Steve, hope you were able to get the dishwasher rotor out. I just got back from Vacation. If you still need help, come over to the forum.


  3. My dishwasher stopped in the middle of a cycle with a flashing f2 Now the pump???? keeps pumping even when the door is open. There is very little water in it.

  4. My top drawer is not draining and showing a saucepan fault! Can you help

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I hope you were able to get the machine back up and running. If not please post back and I will assist you.


  5. Hi we have a single draw F & P dish washer (ds603) after a few minutes running it comes up with a U1 code which then turns to a F1 code & water runs out below draw.
    I have removed the draw a few times, checked all the hoses mounts etc & all looks ok. I remove & dry the flood sensor board, put it back in but does same thing again. It sounds like the lid motors are working but can’t be too sure.
    Any ideas where to start?

    Cheers Mark

    • Hi, the one thing that sticks out to me is the link kit. Do you see a metal arm that pivots out with the wires/hoses or is it a thin white piece of plastic? The plastic arm breaks, and will sit between the drawer and lid. Have you watched the F&P dish drawer video? It shows how to run the lid actuators with the drawer removed.


  6. Returned home after being away over the weekend and found my DD603 top drawer blinking with the F1 error. I rarely use the dishwasher as I prefer hand washing. Checked to see if the pan was wet as you recommend and it is bone dry. How do I fix the problem and where can I purchase the replacement part if needed?


  7. Hi I have a F&P 918TD model we don’t use it a lot . We put the machine on an halfway thru the cycle it starts beeping with a F1 error message. There was water clogged but when I moved some of the things around the tubes the water was drained. Had to turn the switch off bcos it still beeps and F1 error message flashes. Please help

  8. Hi
    My double draw dishwasher overflowed because my wife put in laundry liquid by accident.
    Just wanted to say thanks because this article helped resolve my f1 fault and I didn’t need to call a repairman.

  9. Hi I have a Fisher & Paykel double draw dishwasher and i have F1 displayed on the screen with beeping, Ive turned it off at the wall, waited a few mins then turned it back on and it still beeps and F1 is still on the screen, i then took out all the dishes, the rack & the catch filter, i soaked up all the water put it all back together & tried again but still the same thing is happening. Frustrated, PLEASE HELP ME……

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