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  • Dryer Not Starting (Thermal Fuse)

    Are you looking for your dryers thermal fuse? Have you researched your dryer related problem and found out the fuse is bad? If so great your on your way to saving the day and a few dollars along the way. You can have an appliance repair technician to your home for just under $100 dollars, […]

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  1. Have a samsung sensor dryer. The machine “chatters’ when it is on. It does dry, but makes a chattering noise, what could it be?

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. I’ve seen the Samsung Senor dry units cause this issue before. I have seen where the heater canister rattles and makes the “Chatter” noise. I have also seen where the welds on the base have broke and caused a weird noise. If the cabinet has been damaged in any way, it could also cause a chatter or vibrating type of noise.


  2. Mi secadora dv220ae samsung no calienta y es que se desplazó ala Face de enfriamiento del ciclo y no se como quitarlo. En el manual sólo menciona que ese es el problema pero no me explica cómo programarla a secar. Se encienden las figuras secando y enfriando al mismo tiempo por todo el tiempo

    • Hola, si la secadora no calienta el primero que quiero hacer es comprobar el poder a la secadora. ¿La secadora tiene la potencia adecuada para la espalda? 220v? Si lo hace y que todavía no se calienta, lo más likley tiene un mal elemento.

      Para obtener su secador para calentar todo lo que tiene que hacer es seleccionar el ciclo que desee y pulse Iniciar. Sólo asegúrese de que el ciclo seleccionado no está ‘Air Dry ”


  3. Fisher & Paykel smart loader dryer model number DGG x1 not heating up trying to locate reset button can I get

  4. Hello I having trouble with my dryer my cut off thermostat
    Keeps blowing out every thing els is fine I relaxed it like 3 time
    It still blows out

  5. I have a Fisher & Paykel Dryer (Model DG60FA-US2) that will not start when the start button is pushed. It will hum but not start. When I hold the door button and spin the drum and push start it will then start (but seems to run a bit sluggishly compared to previously).

    So any thoughts as to what my problem might be? Thanks.

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