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  • Microwave Door Handle Replacement

    Replacing a microwave door handle is simpler then you might think. Open the microwave door, the thin one inch wide trim piece that goes all the way around the door will need to be removed out of place.  This piece is called the “choke” and it acts as the door seal around the border of […]

  • Microwave Door Replacement

    To remove the door on a Maytag Whirlpool style microwave you will need to start by removing the air grill. The screws on the top side of the grill secure it to the microwaves cabinet, remove and either slide or lift up and out of place. With the grill removed you will be able to […]

  • Microwave Turntable not Working

    Over the range microwave turntable motors often fail due to normal in home use, when this happen the glass turn table will stop turning. Replacing a microwave turntable is relatively simple, Philips screw driver will handle most of the job. By removing the bottom panel of the over the range microwave you will gain access […]

  6 Responses to “Microwave”

  1. I have a Samsung microwave I believe the fuse has blown there is no power

  2. Hello..
    My microwave turns on automatically when the door is closed.
    Timer stays off… Turntable is off.
    Sometimes it turns off automatically after few seconds.
    Otherwise, we need to open the door and close it by pushing towards down.
    What should be the problem?

  3. Mod.JMC7000 locked how do I unlock ?

  4. Hello,
    My tenant has a combo fan/microwave. The door suddenly won’t close. My husbands been to see but cannot figure out what the issue could be. It’s a samsung about 3 yrs old. Any thoughts on what it could be?

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