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  • Oven Burner Won’t Light

    By far the most common issue is the  igniter below the floor inside your oven is just starting to fail and needs to be ordered and replaced.  Oven igniters last about 6-8 years under normal use before they tend to start failing.  Flat oven igniters need to draw at least 3.2 amps and round oven […]

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  1. thermador double oven with hinges as in your video…door does not shut all the way. I do not see any adjustments. I took out the door and lubed all joints and places that slide…any good counsel would be appreciated.

    • Sandy, these units do not have any adjustments. If the door does not close all the way, the too rhinos need to be replaced. You have to remove the door and separate the door to replace the hinges. If you’re fairly handy, you can do it.


  2. My whirlpool Microwave oven MT263 control pannel switches jammed due to oil decomposition. I want to open that part and clean it.Can you help me to open it.Pls provide details for it.

    • Hi, that’s very strange. I’ve never seen that happen before. What is the complete model number from the sticker on the appliance so I can better assist you.



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