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  • Freezer Temperature Fluctuation

    Several conditions affect the temperature inside a refrigerator and freezer.  Depending on any one of the possibilities, temperature’s inside a residential refrigerator will vary.  A refrigerator’s temperature is adjusted using the cold control knob. Listed are several refrigerator not cooling possibilities. Possibilities -Dirty/clogged condenser coils -Stalled condenser fan motor -Evaporator fan motor -Air flow problem. […]

  • Garage Heater Kit

    A refrigerator may not cool properly when operating in below 30 degree temperature. The freezer side of your refrigerator cools the fresh food side of the refrigerator. When temperatures are below normal cooling temps out side of the refrigerator, the freezer section may never kick on to cool the refrigerator section. Several manufactures produce garage […]

  • Kenmore/Whirlpool/Kitchen Aid Refrigerator not Making Ice

    Ice makers can stop making ice for numerous reasons including the ice maker going bad, the fill tube freezing, and the electronic water valve just failing.  On newer style ice makers, they use an infrared emitter board instead of the traditional “bail arm”.  The red flashing light on the emitter board will usually tell you […]

  • Maytag / Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Making Ice

    Refrigerator Ice maker production test, How to Test your refrigerator’s Ice maker and water valve for proper diagnosis. This article is in regards to Maytag, Whirlpool, refrigerator’s Ice maker. Is the Ice maker bad? Or is it the water valve? Great question, here is how to test. Remove the front of the ice maker, the […]

  • Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor

    If you are unsure of where the condenser fan motor is or does, don’t worry here is some helpful information. The condenser fan motor transfers air across the compressor and condenser coils. Stalled or failed condenser fan motor will cause a no cool condition in both sections. The compressor and coils warm up not allowing […]

  • Refrigerator Odor

    Refrigerator manufactures claim they have odor testing procedures in place before a refrigerator is shipped. Plastic odor when new is normal and will dissipate with use.  The one mechanical part that has been known to cause an odor similar to rotten eggs is the evaporator fan motor. Cleaning the inside walls and shelves of your […]

  • Tips to Defrosting Refrigerator Evaporator

    Along the way refrigeration technician’s pick up tips and tricks from other techs. Years ago my good friend introduced me to the steamer. The steamer has aided me in countless appliance repair defrost repair jobs, the simplicity and ease of clean up along with speed that a steamer will melt the refrigerator coils to in […]

  • Water Leaking into the Refrigerator

    Frigidaire,Kenmore, Whirlpool, top mount refrigerator’s can leak water from the freezer section down on to the top shelf of the refrigerator. To verify that the defrost drain hole is clogged, the back panel of the freezer will need to be removed. More commonly known as the evaporator panel. Removing the back panel of the freezer […]

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  1. My ice maker is leaking water , I’ve a kitchen Aid model number KSRB25FKSS00.

    Thank you ,

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. It sounds like maybe the ice maker is calling for water for to long? If it’s calling for water for the correct amount of time I’d suspect a valve issue. Most common issue that causes this on your model is the ice maker though.


  2. I replaced the icemaker in my Kenmore refrigerator a video. It was so simple and I thought I was so clever, till yesterday. The plastic part in front that meshes with the inside teeth has detached. The icemaker no longer makes ice. I tried to diagnose the problem using your video, it says if the inside teeth aren’t sticking up it’s a sure sign the icemaker needs to be replaced. !!! Is it possible the replacement ice maker was faulty? I hope you can tell me how to fix this.
    Thank you,

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      The small wheel on the front off the ice maker is broken correct? Are the two tabs that hold the wheel in place broke?

  3. I have a Whirlpool refrigerator gs6shaxlb03 the ice dispenser works but the water dispenser does not?

  4. Thank you, you are education a “dummy”. Watched your video on the icemaker. My sensors are what I think is my trouble.
    The sensor on the right is blinking red, as it should. The left sensor does not blink. Is there a magic trick to fix it?
    Or, can I buy a new one from you?
    Thank you!

  5. I had a power outage for only a few moments.
    Now my refrigerator is not running.
    I have checked the power cord and my fuse box.
    There are no problems there.
    What should I do?

  6. The ice maker door latch keeps opening and closing constantly and won’t stop on my Samsung refrigerator. Any suggestions why? Thanks.

  7. my double door samsung fridge purchased 10years back now not working properly, what are the problem to repair.pls tell me suggestion.

    1.what are the parts to check first

    • Hi, I would need a little more information to help you. What does not working properly mean? Is one side not cooling correctly or?


  8. We have a Samsung refrigerator #RB215ACBP the refrigerator keeps icing up, my wife has defrosted it 10 to 15 times we are very frustrated it is only about 2 years old can anyone help?

    • Hi, I responded to your other/same question. Let me know if you have any more questions.



  9. We have a Samsung model # RB215ACBP that keeps icing up in the back of the refrigerator part my wife keeps defrosting it almost daily, we spent a lot of money on this and cant see taking it to the dump but that is about where it is going to go. Is there something that can be done to fix this problem?

    • Hi, it sounds like you have a defrost issue or a clogged drain line. Both would cause the icing on the back panel inside the refrigerator. Both are common repairs on Samsung refrigerators. It is fixable. If you’re handy, you can make the repair yourself.

  10. I have a Frigidaire side by side Mode. JSI-26. The ice maker stopped working. I manually advance the ice maker but it did not fill with water. Should I be looking at the water sensor or what?


    • Hi, that would indicate a faulty water valve on the back or a frozen fill tube. If the fill tube is frozen, the water valve would need to be replaced or the water pressure is low. The pressure can be low to the unit or the filter could be bad.


      • The filter is new. The unit has operated for over a year so I assume the pressure is good. I have ordered a water valve. Should have it soon.

        • I’ve seen some of the self piercing valves for the water line get clogged and cause pressure issues. If you’re hooked to a larger valve directly behind the refrigerator you should be good as far as pressure goes.

          Keep us updated.


          • I have installed the new water valve. I have good pressure on the water dispenser. I got only one cycle of ice. I can force a cycle on the ice maker and its dry. I am still not getting water into the ice maker. Any ideas or suggestion.

          • Sounds like you have a clogged fill tube maybe? Does the water valve get power when the ice maker advances?

        • Don’t know what is going on. It just started working on its on. I am getting normal size ice cubes now.

  11. I have a Frigidaire side by side Ice Maker Model. JSI-26.

    • I have no idea. How do I check that? I also noticed my ice maker does not want to cycle on its own. I can force a cycle but it won’t do it own its on. It now appears to be getting water because I can feel it in the ice mold. I have noticed that I have better water pressure and the water seems cooler since changing the water value. Could the old defective water value have damaged the ice maker and cause it not to cycle?

  12. I have a Frigidaire 241851219. Ice maker wasnt working so watched your video and held up teeth but didnt work. Read comments, and tried suggestion to manually turn smaller wheel counterclockwise. That got it going, filled up tray and started freezing. When I checked later, found water leaking from the bottom of the ice maker. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, the only way water would leak is from a cracked mold or from the water valve running for to long and overfilling the mold.

  13. I have a new Frigidaire side by side Ice Maker Model. JSI-26.This thing is extremely slow at producing ice.. Any way i can speed up the process? Cold is turned up to max, door stays shut, good looking cubes, just so slow compared to my 15 year old one. Makes maybe 3-4 batches a day

    • Hi, there is no way to speed the ice maker itself up. Make sure the fan on the back by the compressor is running and also make sure the coils are clean. If the coils are clean, the thermostat inside the ice maker could be failing. It’s actually a fairly common issue.


  14. Hello! I have a question and hopefully you’ll be able to help! My ice maker will not refill the tray with water unless I add a little water into the tray first. Then I manually turn the gears, and then water will dispense into the tray. a few hours later, I have to manually turn the gears again to have the ice drop, then repeat. Is this a circuit problem?

  15. Help. I’ve got a Kenmore elite fridge model# 795.72053.114. Replacing ice dispenser motor in door #eau59551207. Well I’d like to if I could figure out how to get the !@#$%@#$ keypad assembly out of the front of the door! This is a 2013 model and the entire assembly is flush fit in the door. There is no faceplate to remove to access screws etc. How do I release this unit from the door? Thanks Trey

  16. I have a frigidaire modle#frs3r5emb4 the water is not getting to the ice maker. i have changed water control vaule have water to top off line will not go though to ice maker

  17. I have sn issue with my samsung freezer freezing up under the bottom tray then it leaks onto the floor. I had a technician out and he showed me how to take the panel off the inside if the freezer and pour boiling water on the iced up part down the bottom until the water runs freely down the hole. I have done it twice before and it worked fine. This time the water is just sitting there and wont go down the hole

  18. I have a Samsung RF263TEAESR. It has since been discontinued and replaced by RF263BEAESR. The dispenser for water and ice has quit working. I’m told I need to replace the Power Control Board (PCB). Does that sound right? If so, I’m guessing it’s behind the display panel. How do I access that?

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