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Garage Heater Kit


A refrigerator may not cool properly when operating in below 30 degree temperature.
The freezer side of your refrigerator cools the fresh food side of the refrigerator.

When temperatures are below normal cooling temps out side of the refrigerator, the freezer section may never kick on to cool the refrigerator section.

Several manufactures produce garage heater kits. The garage heater kit will apply a  small amount of heat to the cold control assembly. This will cycle the freezer on keeping the fresh food sidecool.

The cold control inside the fresh food section cycles the compressor and fan motors, when the cold control is always satisfied the compressor will not kick on to pump the freon.

Top mount unit’s are often found in the garage. On Frigidaire top mount refrigerators installing a garage heater kit in done so by removing the control assembly inside the fresh food section.

There are four screws that hold the housing to the ceiling. Once the screws are removed the panel will come down to reveal the quick disconnect wire harness.

Pull the control assembly out and remove the timer and cold control. On the backside of the heater kit the factory has installed double side tape. With the defrost timer removed, the heater kit will mold around the defrost timer studs and stick to the housing.

The heater kit has two separate wires both wires connect to the cold control, the heater wires have a male terminal to hook the original cold control wires to. With the heater kit installed, finish by installing the defrost timer then cold control. Always test the unit after a repair to ensure proper operation. Leaving a thermometer inside the unit for 24hr will determine if the kit has solved the no cool issue.

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