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Kenmore/Whirlpool/Kitchen Aid Refrigerator not Making Ice


Ice makers can stop making ice for numerous reasons including the ice maker going bad, the fill tube freezing, and the electronic water valve just failing.  On newer style ice makers, they use an infrared emitter board instead of the traditional “bail arm”.  The red flashing light on the emitter board will usually tell you what is wrong depending on how many times it’s flashing and the way it reacts when shutting the flipper on the left side wall.  Fill tubes generally freeze up for several reasons.  They can freeze because the electronic water valve isn’t sealing up and it’s slowly leaking into the ice make, or they can freeze because the water pressure coming from your house is not enough so the water freezes before it actually reaches the ice maker when the ice maker is calling for water.  Also, ice makers can short out as well as strip causing them to not complete their rotation.  The videos and tutorials will go into detail as to how you would diagnose and confirm which part is faulty as well as how to replace the faulty component.  A few things to check are to make sure you are definitely getting water to the refrigerator, then squeeze the fill tube to the ice maker to make sure it’s not frozen solid.  If you have time, you can fill up the ice maker with a cup of water assuming it’s empty and just wait until the next day to see if the ice was dumped out or not.  This will let you know if you have a problem with the ice maker not cycling or a problem with water not coming into the ice maker to make ice.

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