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Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor


If you are unsure of where the condenser fan motor is or does, don’t worry here is some helpful information.

The condenser fan motor transfers air across the compressor and condenser coils. Stalled or failed condenser fan motor will cause a no cool condition in both sections.

The compressor and coils warm up not allowing heat transfer from the refrigeration system. Ever heard clean your condenser coils, the same reason, dirty coils cause the condenser to heat up slowing the refrigeration process.

On side by side refrigerators the condenser fan motor is located on the bottom back of the refrigerator, majority of built in refrigerators sealed system and condenser fan motor are located on the top.  The fan motor will be located by the compressor. If the proper voltage is found at the fan motor replace using the recommended procedure.

Cleaning the coils will help the unit run more efficiently therefore saving you money and life of the unit. Using a condenser coil brush will make this job a breeze.

While using the brush to pull the dust and debris from the coil, having the vacuum set next to the coils will help prevent the dirt and dust from spreading around the room.

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  1. Hi Matthew,
    I have a Samsung RB 1855SL/XAA refrigerator with bottom mount freezer. The temperature display indicates -19/3 for the freezer/fridge sections but the ice does not form and the fridge compartment does not cool down. I hear the fans running but not the compressor. Please advice on the troubleshooting. I greatly appreciate your help.

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