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Tips to Defrosting Refrigerator Evaporator


Along the way refrigeration technician’s pick up tips and tricks from other techs. Years ago my good friend introduced me to the steamer. The steamer has aided me in countless appliance repair defrost repair jobs, the simplicity and ease of clean up along with speed that a steamer will melt the refrigerator coils to in is impressive.

Having used towels and water to previously to clear refrigerator coils, then trying the heat gun and back to water, once introduced to the steamer I’m a believer.

Filling the unit up and letting it heat is the only down time you have if you are a homeowner you have time to let the steamer heat up it takes five minutes, to a commission  payed appliance repair technician five min can add up throughout the day. Speed increases pay, why do you think most technicians are in a rush when they are in your home, not only are they probably overbooked but also thinking about getting paid from the next job.

Cutting the Ice build up on the refrigerator’s evaporator is fast using a steamer, it also helps prevent the coils from becoming damaged due to heat or puncturing with tools. If you are unable to get a steamer to can still use the hot water and towel trick, if you do try to plug the drain hole, this will prevent the refrigerator’s  defrost drain pan from becoming full and leaking out onto the floor.

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