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Water Leaking into the Refrigerator


Frigidaire,Kenmore, Whirlpool, top mount refrigerator’s can leak water from the freezer section down on to the top shelf of the refrigerator.

To verify that the defrost drain hole is clogged, the back panel of the freezer will need to be removed. More commonly known as the evaporator panel. Removing the back panel of the freezer will allow access to the evaporator. There are normally several screws that mount the panel to the back wall, often times they will be painted the same color as the panel.

During normal cooling conditions the refrigerator’s evaporator will build a small frost pattern, when the unit has removed enough heat from the refrigeration system, the defrost heater will come on melting the frost and turning it to water. This is a normal defrost function, allowing the water to flow down the defrost drain line into the  drain pan. If the defrost drain line is clogged with debris or ice, the water will move forward and down the air vent, the water then will drip down onto the top shelf of the refrigerator.

Fixing this leaking refrigerator issue is relatively simple, here is the process that I use and has helped me complete this call on the first trip.

Using a small piece of copper you can fashion it to the defrost heater and slide it into the drain hole. When the heater is activated the copper conductor will prevent the ice from building up over the drain hole.

Some manufactures have come up with a similar kit. The fashion a piece of aluminum to the defrost heater using a screw and pinching the aluminum around the heater tightly, the tighter the conductor is the more heat it will hold. Check with the local appliance parts house it’s called a defrost drain probe. There are several different styles depending on model number.

  8 Responses to “Water Leaking into the Refrigerator”

  1. I have a leak ( top right next to water dispenser) when dispensing water in my Westinghouse Virtuoso. Is it posible for me to repair or do i need to get a service technician in?

  2. I have a Subzero refrigerator. Inside the unit, the drain hose underneath the drain pan appears to be clogged. Is there a way to clean it?

  3. I have a maytag refriderator model MSD2735GR the ice machine works when it feels like working and whenit does it doesn’t give me a whole lot of ice. What could be the problem and can I fix it.

    Thank you
    Sonja Gomez

    • Hello, I’m just getting back in town. If you still need a hand, please come to the forum and I will assist.

  4. Hello, I have a LG fridge with freezer at top. Water is forming on top shelf of fridge section underneath freezer. Also water is forming underneath vegie drawer at bottom then running onto floor.
    Do I have to pull fridge out from wall and do something to the back or do I just fix something from the inside?

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