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Refrigerator Tutorials

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  1. hi i have a fisher paykel E522B with frezzer on the bottom and the fridge goes warm and
    theres heaps of ice build up in the frezzer area behind back panel.ive heard it could be a
    failed defrost heater.is there a service manual i can download to fix this myself,
    cheers paul.

    • Hi,

      They keep a very tight hold on the manuals for these units and do not make them available in PDF format. The heater is the likely issue on this mode. Use a volt meter and ohm the heater out or check it for continuity.

  2. Hello, My fridge suddenly stop cooling, it’s at 59 degrees, is there anything that I can do to resolve this issue?

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Is the compressor running? Is the fan next to the compressor running? What about the fans in the freezer and refrigerator are they running?

      I would need a little more information to help you friend.


  3. A wooden panel on my counter depth refrigerator has shifted and has popped forward so I cannot slip my fingers into the verticle handle and grab to open. it almost looks like a clip from behind the panel has disengaged. Hows can i re attach the panel flush to the door face ?

    • Hi, I would need the make and model to better assist you. If you have it, come over to the forum and we can talk about it.


  4. I have a sumsung refrigerator model RS261 26.5 CU FT capacity. ID JJ664GBZ50060IW built May 2010.
    The lights for the freezer and refrigerator are scrolling when I hold both control buttons down to isolate the problem I get an error 64. The freezer is not functional at all the refrigerator appears to be functional. Not sure what the problem is, but I need info to get the problem corrected. Thanks, Ron

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