Whirlpool / Roper / Estate / Kenmore Dryer Not Heating Repair


This video is designed to show you how to test the components responsible for an electric dryer that is not heating or taking too long to heat. It will show you how to access and test various components that will stop your dryer from heating. This is designed for basic Whirlpool brand dryers such as Roper, Estate, and Kenmore dryers with the lint filter located on the top back right hand corner of the dryer.

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  3 Responses to “Whirlpool / Roper / Estate / Kenmore Dryer Not Heating Repair”

  1. kenmore front load dryer not heating

  2. Hi, I have a Maytag dryer about 4 years old, just had the heating element and thermastat replaced because it was not throwing heat, the repairs were done last week and this morning it’s back to no heat again

  3. Is there something the repair people missed

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