Jan 132011

The Maytag Neptune washer was one of the first residential front load washer that hit the residential market.

This washer has kept and is still keeping some appliance repair shops in business.There are several common issues that cause a Neptune washer to not spin here are several things to check.

-Drain pump ( if the unit wont drain it will not spin)
-Broken belt Remove back panel and verify belt is intact
-Broken door lock mechanism ( if the door wont lock the unit will not spin)
-Main control is bad ( Located in the lower left of the unit)
-Control on the back if the resistor are burnt check to see what other part needs replacing.

If the unit is draining and not spinning set the unit to a spin cycle. If the light comes on then check the control on the back for a burnt resistor. If the light does not come on verify operation of the door lock assembly. If the door lock assembly checks out , verify the out of balance switches are in place and not depressed or shorted out.

You will more than likely find you issue with the control on the back of the washer or wax door lock motor in the door lock assembly. The control on the back can be had at most any local appliance parts houses. Replacing this control and wax motor yourself could save you hundreds of dollars from the dreaded appliance repair man.