Jan 132011

The first test that I make for a washer not filling, is setting the washer to a fill cycle and listen for the hum from the water solenoid. If I hear the hum this tells me the timer is good because its sending power to the valve.

If you have a volt meter you can verify the voltage by opening the unit up. If the water valve hum is present start by ensuring the water source is turned on.

Turn the water off and remove the hoses off the washer, check that the screens are not clogged with debris, if you have a well you are probably all to familiar with cleaning the screens for your water system, unless you have a water softener.

The screens on the dual water washer valves become clogged over time and will not let water enter the unit. If you have noticed that one of the temperatures on your washer comes in slowly it could be related to a clogged valve screen.

If the screens are clear of debris and the valve is getting 110v and you have tested it with a volt meter then you have a bad water valve.

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