Jan 132011

-Unplug the washer

-Philips screwdriver

After unplugging the washer remove the screws on the back of the top. Once the screws are removed the top will slide back and off the washer. There are two plastic locking tabs that are on the back, you will need to line them up to install the top to slide back into the washers frame.

With the top off and out of the way you now have access to the two screws that hold the housing to the front,these screws are coming in through the backhand side meaning horizontally.

Now remove the soap dispenser pull the washer out there is a little tab in the back that you depress and the dispenser will slide all the way out.

Remove the screws that are behind the face cover of the dispenser and the front panel will pop up and out. There are plastic tabs that you have to get started along the top to get the control panel off.

From this point in the tear down you can remove the door boot and then the front panel. The screws along the top of the front panel that are now viable hold the front panel on. If you are going to remove the front panel remember to disconnect the lock assembly.

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