Jan 132011

A gas dryer is a simple machine, if you have basic mechanical skills with basic electrical know how you can tackle a gas dryer repair.

Gas dryer’s often times only need the  thermal fuse or ignitor replaced to repair the issue.  Listed below are several possibilities.

-Thermal fuse
-Gas coils
-Clogged vent

If you have a volt meter and want to diagnose your unit read on.

Access your dryer’s Ignitor, with the meter ohm the Ignitor, if continuity is present the Ignitor is good. When the unit is operating normally the Ignitor will glow with 110v applied. Once the Ignitor draws sufficient amperage the gas coils will activate, sending gas funneled down to produce heat.

When a machine overheats the safety fuse will trip, when this happens one leg of voltage is stopped at the fuse, the led’s on your appliance can still light up when a fuse is at fault.

Thermal fuses fail normally do to clogged vents.


-The vent exhaust system, if a dryer does not push the heat and moisture out do to a clog or foreign debris lodged in the vent system.

– The thermal fuse will trip. Also a kinked or clogged vent hose can also cause the fuse to trip.