Feb 182011

Appliance manufactures are smarter than ever, they have the science down to the T.  Think your next refrigerator is going to last 20 years?  Ya right! We repair appliances everyday, if it’s one thing we know, it’s which appliances are breaking down and which ones are not.

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Are you about to purchase a new home and can choose your own appliances from a package? Or are you about to or in the middle of updating your kitchen? Kitchens today are the gathering place amongst friends and families, they are often the center of attention in lots of new homes today.  Appliance manufacturers have figured out if they use cheaper products and have their products shipped to America they can make more money. When manufacturers do this it’s for a good reason, money. Money is what makes the world turn if these big appliance manufacturers don’t rake in the millions they may go under.

You may recall the Maytag class action law suits a few years ago, the Maytag Neptune 3000 series was the last straw for the Maytag Corporation, they sold to Whirlpool and since then Whirlpool has brought back some of the old dependable care models from the early 80’s.

This next section is going to be to the point about which manufacturers have problems and the ones who have fewer.

To start if you buy a Frigidaire brand appliance prepare to have buyers remorse, Frigidaire is not exactly what it used to be. I would not recommend one of their kitchen appliances. I have no beef with Frigidaire I just think they can make better appliances. Their kitchen appliances break down fairly often, first year Frigidaire warranty service calls are not as uncommon as you would think, they account for more than a 1/4 of our in home warranty and out of warranty calls.

Several other companies that have more kitchen repair than other are LG and Samsung, these account for a good amount of our daily calls in the repair field.

Whirlpool kitchen products in our region seem to have the least amount of repair calls, we still see them on a daily basis but not to the extent of other brands. Whirlpool has a great washer and dryer set, if you have a model number we can tell you everything under the stars about it in our repair forum.

Repair jobs vary from region to region.   Climate and altitude are also two big factors that affect the performance of your appliance, both can also affect what and when maintenance procedures to do be made.Altitude for instance can affect how fast an ovens fan runs, climate can affect how the refrigeration part of your refrigerator operates. These are all consideration to be made before your next appliance purchase, me and my colleagues have been in and still work in the appliance repair field, the information found in this article and on this website are my opinions and I’m sure other would not agree with some or all of them. The information on this website however comes from a group of in home appliance repair professionals, we have gathered this information and made it available to aid you in your appliance repair or in this case appliance review.

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