Jan 282011

Asko appliances are becoming more and more popular, along with other European brands. Not all service companies service this line of products; they require extensive training classes and continuing education is a must in the appliance repair field because things change often monthly. The same model can have three or four different names stamped on the front, this enables these appliance manufactures to make more money off the same product.

The T1 contact on this main control was burnt, this created a motor error code on the front, the motor must be tested with a volt meter to ensure it did not short the control out, a ohm test will verify.

Gaining access to the control is relatively simple, a T-20 Torx will be needed to remove the top of the washer. Removing the three Torx screws will release the top panel letting it lift up and off the washer. Once the washer’s top is off ,the main control will be visible as well as the pressure switch and several other components including the tech sheet/schematic, which should be located by the pressure switch assembly. You will need the schematic to perform the earlier mentioned task of finding the wires that go to the motor to test the resistance of the windings to ensure the motor is ok.

The motor on this washer tested good, replacing the control fixed the motor error code and got this washer back up and running. This job out of warranty cost around $400 dollars, the control is expensive and so is the labor charge from the in home service professional, why not save that trip charge and labor estimated $200 this is a fairly simple repair with the correct tools.