Mar 092011

Bosch Dishwasher not filling with water can only mean one of several things, more often than not on a Bosch Dishwasher that wont fill or is not filling anymore the water valve will need to be replaced. You can purchase Bosch dishwasher parts by clicking on the link above. We repair Bosch dishwasher everyday of the week if you need technical assistance you can post your DIY Bosch dishwasher repair question in our forums located at the top of this page.

You will need a volt meter and  Torx screw driver bit to test and repair your dishwasher.  Start by removing the lower kick plate usually the kick plate is held on with two screws, with the panel removed you will see the valve on the left a copper fitting will be sticking out over the edge of the plastic.

On both the left and right  there is a Torx screw remove the screw and pull the water valve from the dishwasher. Next remove the two wires that connect to the top of the valve, now the fill hose on the back of the water valve can be pulled off.

Reinstall the new dishwasher valve in the reverse order, this repair will require you to disconnect the appliance before servicing failure to do so can result in electrical shock and even death.


You can purchase your DIY Bosch Dishwasher repair parts at the link above, if you require further assistance please use the forum tab and a factory trained technician will respond.




Jan 152011

Bosch dishwashers are built with flood switches located in the bottom base pan of the dishwasher. The flood switch is connected to a rod that activates a small interlock switch, when water enters the base pan on a Bosch dishwasher a Styrofoam puck lifts the rod activating the flood switch.

When the flood switch is activated the dishwasher will go into a no fill,  only drain mode, the drain motor may also run with the door open to the unit, this is a sign there is water in the base pan.

Determining where the water entered the base pan can often times be time consuming. Bosch dishwashers have a more complex wash and dry system, more parts this mean smaller work areas, some parts are in sealed compartments, these require lots of time and effort to access.

You may have to watch the unit through a complete cycle before you can diagnose the error. Some of the more common possibilities include

-Sump fill hose (Cracked/brittle)
-Drain hose(Also check drain hose connection)
-Faulty drain pump seal
-Circ pump housing’
-Main sump seal

Any one of these are a possibility and there are many more, spending an hour watching the unit cycle may be the only way to figure out where the water is coming from.

Note also over sud-sing will also cause the unit to leak water into the drain pan. If you recently filled the dishwashers jet dry dispenser, excess jet dry on the door and surrounding areas could create the dishwasher to flood into the pan.