May 182011

The error code F1 means the washers main mother board is bad.  This is a common error code on these washers.   You can fix it yourself with our help.  The washers main mother board will need to be replaced to fix this error.  You can simply remove the three screws on the back of the washers control panel and the panel will roll forward.  With the panel off you will see the washers control board that needs replaced.  The control has all plug and play type connections and  a hose that pushes on and pulls off the port. There is one small screw on the front that holds the control in place.

If you have a model number, we can look the part up and provide a link where you can purchase the part.  Good luck with your washing machine repair friends.  If you need further technical assistance please post your question in our DIY repair forum.  It’s free to join and only takes a minute.

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