Apr 102011

How to fix a LG washer LE error code.  Do you have the dreaded LE error code on your washing machine?  The fix is pretty straight forward.  The sensor that is mounted on the side of the stator motor needs to be replaced.  The hall sensor monitors the washer motor speed.  When the sensor fails the LE error code will appear in the washes display window.

Pull the unit out and remove the back panel.  The stator motor is bolted to the back the washer with several bolts.  Remove the bolt from the motor housing and you will see the bolts around the motor.  Once the washer motor is off the sensor can be changed.  We stock LG washer parts, enter your model number in the search box to look your part up.

If you can not find your part, use the contact us tab and we will assist you in your LG parts look up.  Please provide the appliances model number so we can assist you.  If you would like to ask your washer dryer question to an authorized repair technician post your question in our LG washer repair forum in the link below.

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Apr 052011

You will need to run the dishwasher through a purge sequence. If it doesn’t clean out the dispenser, the dispenser will just need to be replaced unfortunately.

How to Purge Incorrect Liquid Detergent from the Bulk Dispenser

The purge routine operates the bulk dispenser pump continuously to drain the bulk dispenser tank when an incorrect liquid was poured in the tank. The process consists of setting up the dishwasher to run the purge mode, running the purge mode and then cleaning up the purged detergent.

Follow these steps carefully to have a successful purge run.

For Top Control Models:

  1. Make sure Pre-wash, Added Heat and Heated Dry LEDs are off.
  2. Press Heated Dry and Down Arrow buttons together for 3 seconds. All LEDs will illuminate.
  3. Press Added Heat and Up Arrow buttons together for 3 seconds. The Anti-bacteria LED will illuminate
  4. Press Start button one time
  5. Select Normal and make sure Pre-wash, Added Heat and Heated Dry LEDs are off.
  6. Press Start button one more time and dishwasher will run a complete cycle without the main motor running. Cycle is complete when the Clean light illuminates. This should take approximately 60 minutes.
  7. Open door and wipe up excess detergent from the door and tub
  8. Flush remaining detergent off by pouring water on the door and tub where there is detergent residue.
  9. Remove SmartDispenser cap and fill tank with water and then replace cap.
  10. Repeat Steps 1 through 9 one time.
  11. Then, repeat Steps 1 through 6. When the Clean LED illuminates, the system is purged and ready to be refilled with the correct detergent.

Front Mount Controls (same as above except for the changes in the two below steps):

2. Press Heated Dry and Cookware together for 3 seconds. All LEDs illuminate.

3. Press Added Heat and Cookware together for 3 seconds. The Anti-bacterial LED illuminates.

Mar 302011

Replacing the touch pad assembly on a Fisher Paykel dishwasher is simple.   We know these dishwashers well and can answer any repair related question you may have.  The first thing that needs to happen to replace the touch pad is to remove the front panel of the dishwasher.  To remove the front panel, you’ll need a pair of needle nose pliers.  Needle nose pliers work well to grab the center ridge of the plastic pin; just pull both pins out.  The front panel on a both single and double drawer dishwasher slide down once the pins are removed.  If you are still unsure how to remove the front panel click on the link below.  You can watch a video that explains how to remove the drawers as well as the front panel

Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Repair Video

Now that the front is removed, the touch pad needs to be unplugged from the control board.  Be sure the dishwasher is unplugged first before disconnecting any wires.  Once the dishwasher is unplugged, disconnect the wire harness and the touch pad will slide to the left lifting off.

Fisher Paykel dishwasher are simple to repair.  If you require further assistance after reading this article or watching the repair video, post your Fisher Paykel question in our forum.

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