Mar 242011

Fisher Paykel dishwashers encounter the F2 error code often.  This error code is saying that the wash rotor has failed and isn’t moving anymore.  Fisher Paykel dishwashers use a rotor that is powered by a stator motor.  Several things can happen that cause the F2 error code to appear on the dishwasher LCD screen such as a locked rotor, a jammed rotor, or a chipped rotor.  Fisher Paykel makes it easy to remove and clean or replace the rotor.  If you don’t know how to remove the rotor the link below is a video that explains how.

Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Rotor Repair Video

If you still have questions about your fisher paykel dishwasher, use the contact us tab or post your question in the fisher paykel dishwasher repair forum.

Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Repair Forum

Mar 242011

Disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair!

Bosch dishwasher have one common issue and that is a soap cup dispenser failure.  One of two things normally happen, the part that slides breaks off or the wax motor fails. You can complete this repair on your Bosch dishwasher in under a hour.  For Bosch dishwasher parts click on the link below and type in your model number.

Bosch Dishwasher Parts

Start by removing the screws that go around the inner door liner and control panel. Bosch dishwasher have two screws that hold the panel in place that enter from the side. With the front panel removed the soap cup dispenser will be visible. Bosch uses metal flanges to hold the dispenser in place.  First the wires will need to be unplugged. Remove the wires that connect to the motor or solenoid and also the rinse agent chip if equipped.  Use a small flat head screw driver to lift the metal flange up enough to slide the dispenser through the front panel.

Now the the soap cup is out you can install the new one. If you still have questions, you can use the forum link below to speak with a Bosch trained appliance technician.

Bosch Dishwasher Repair Forum

Mar 242011

Disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair!

Fisher Paykel dishwasher are built with half the moving parts of an American built dishwasher.  Servicing a Fisher Paykel dishwasher is simple. If you need to remove the control board on your fisher paykel dishwasher watch the video in the link below first. The video explains how to remove the front panel and also the rotor on the dishwasher.

Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Repair Video Link

With the front removed, the control board will be located in the top right corner of the cabinet. The board has two prongs on either side that pivot the control in and out of position. The board is held into position with a tab on the  side. A flat head screw driver works well to depress the tab releasing the control board.  The wires that plug into the side of the control board are also held down with a clip. Use a small flat head to release the wire harness.

For further Fisher Paykel Dishwasher assistance, post your question in our Fisher Paykel dishwasher repair forum. We know Fisher Paykel brand appliances well and can answer just about any repair or review related question you have.  Click on the forum link below.

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