Dec 312012

Kitchen Aid dishwashers are really good dishwashers. I own one and recommend them all the time to customers looking for a new dishwasher. However just like everything out there today they still have problems. You see no matter what brand dishwasher you buy it will eventually have an issue or two..

These newer Kitchen Aid dishwashers use an auxiliary drain motor to drain the water. So there is a main wash motor that sprays the water and cleans the dishes and a drain motor off to the side that drains the water. There are a couple different reasons why the dishwasher would stop draining.

1. Drain hose has obstruction: You can remove the drain hose where it connects to either the disposal or the standpipe and check for restrictions. Often times you will find a seed or some other object stopping the flow of water. Continue reading »

Dec 202012

Have a Bosch dishwasher that won’t drain? This could be a very common issue and also a very simply fix. If you press the second and fourth button at the same time, does the dishwasher drain the water? If not, you could have a pump, hose, or air gap issue.

On these particular dishwashers the engineers decided to use an auxiliary drain motor to drain the water. So these units have drain and wash motor. The drain motor is located on the left side of the sump. Continue reading »

Mar 162011

The Asko d3120 is a very common dishwasher.  These unit have become more popular in the last several years as Asko is beginning to devolop their brand name in the United States.  Asko dishwashers have several common issues just like every other brand on the appliance market. More often than not, common repairs can be fixed without parts.

Asko uses an Auxiliary drain motor on their dishwashers.  The Auxiliary drain motor’s impeller often jams due to some kind of foreign debris. If your Asko dishwasher is not draining or wont drain all the water out, the drain motor or hose is likely blocked.  Accessing the Auxiliary  drain motor on a Asko is not that difficult.  To get to the pump so that you can clean it out, the lower toe kick panel will need to be removed. There are several screws on the front and top of the toe panel.  Once removed, the toe kick will pull forward and you can set the panel aside for now.  If you are this far, then you know before you stick your hand inside to turn the power off at the breaker or unplug the dishwasher.  Electrical shock and death could occur.  The drain motor is on the left hand side.  It is white in color usually.  Depress the tab on the side and twist the motor off.  Check the impeller and surrounding areas for an obstruction.

This is just one common Asko dishwasher repair.  If you are looking for more Asko dishwasher repair articles, you can use the search bar on the top of this page.  Can’t find the repair article your looking for? Use the contact us tab on the side of this page and we would be happy to write the one you need. You can also post your appliance & refrigerator repair questions in our DIY repair forums. Click on the link below to post your question in the forum.

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