Jan 262011

Often times, the buzzer or “sound” at the end of the cycle can be annoying and many individuals would like to turn the end of cycle signal off. To do this on most Bosch dishwasher models, find the button at the right end of the line (probably labeled Pots & Pans, Half Load, or some other wash setting). Hold that and the power button down until you see a 0,1,2 or 3. Hit the button again till you see a 0 in the display. Then hit the Power button to lock in the selection.

Jan 152011

Replacing the door interlock switches on a dishwasher involves removing the screws around the door liner and accessing the door switches.

Dishwasher door switches will often break or in some cases burn up. When this happen the dishwashers lights may be on but the unit may not start.

-Disconnect power
-Remove the screws around the door.
-Set door panel aside
-Remove control housing if necessary
-Carefully remove screw or clip holding switch down
-Pry off wires

Once the wires are disconnected you can test for continuity, the dishwashers door switch should read resistance when in the closed position.

The marking on the switch will verify what position the switch is in when activated and in home position. The NC normally closed contact NO normally open contact and COM common. Depressing the switches actuator on top should result in a resistance reading on the volt meter.