Jan 152011

Testing a dishwashers components is done with a volt meter, having a volt meter to help with diagnostics is essential.

The heating circuit on a dishwasher contains several parts any of them could cause the dishwasher not to heat possibilities:

-Faulty heater element
-Open thermostat
-loose or broken wire
-Failed electronic control
-Door switch

Any of these components if broken will create a no heat condition.  There is a schematic and wiring diagram on the machine, if you can read a schematic you will see the circuits in the series.  If not on some technical schematics there is information on accessing the dishwasher diagnostics.

In diagnostic mode you can manually advance the unit activating all of the functions this will allow voltage tests if needed. This test lets you advance the unit through all available option without having to wait two hours for the cycle to complete.

Jan 152011

Maytag uses plastic nuts on the end of there dishwasher elements. The plastic housing of the nut also protects the heater elements wire.

To remove a Maytag style unit from under the cabinet, open the door and remove the screws that hold the unit’s mounting brackets to the counter. The mounting bracket prevents the dishwasher from falling forward when the racks are pulled out.

Most Maytag install crews will use stainless steel brained water lines, if your dishwasher is copper plumbed you will need to disconnect before the unit is removed.

Turning the power and water off before servicing  should be done first, with the water line disconnected pull the unit forward, you will need to access the rear of the unit.

Removing the heater wires, and twisting the plastic nuts off, this will loosen the heating element. Inside there are two metal brackets that hold the heater element to the tub, twisting the brackets will release the element from the insides.

The heating element should be tested with a volt meter, local appliance parts houses will often have volt meters for sale and can sometimes test the element for you. With the new element place in the dishwasher and secure using the two metal fasteners, from the back connect the heater locking nuts and hook the wires to the terminals.

Once the machine is installed fasten the mounting brackets back to the counter. Connection of the fill hose can be made with the dishwasher installed or pulled out depending on the dishwasher fill hose length. Purchasing longer fill lines and electrical connection will aid in an easier installation.